Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bell Sleeves

During my shocking lack of attention during APUSH the other day, I happened to look up directly at a painting of a group of both colonial men and women looking dramatic in a meeting room. The women had these lavish dresses that were form fitting on top then had a flare of lace at the elbow creating a bell sleeve of sorts. 

As a reference point...

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 From there I began my quest for the perfect modern day version, maaging to mostly find tops and dresses that I deemed to be too bohemian for my taste. The boho/ flower-child nature of these comes from the style's popular root in the seventies:

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I personally prefer the more classic style of the sleeve where it flares from the elbow rather than constantly becoming more flared like the more bohemian style does. Which do you refer?

A Pattern for those who would prefer to save a few bucks and make it theselves. I'm feeling adventurous enough to try it...

Shop some of my favorites:

Monday, November 17, 2014

Purple Tights

Dress: Forever 21, Boots: Hunter, Tights: Target, Necklace: NYC vendor
This is a style blog right? Wouldn't it make sense that I would shoot photos of what I'm wearing instead of struggling to think of something? Yes and I should more often, however, when you can't find the tripod and your brother is 14 and refuses to be your photographer then you run into a little problem. On this particular day, my little bro just so happened to comply and came outside with me but refused to leave the porch as the ground was wet and he had neglected to put on shoes. He also happened to have a little trouble taking it seriously and ended up taking a bunch of super blurry pictures out of which I salvaged these.
Just a note on my tights: how do you feel about such an unorthodox color? I never knew what to wear them with but rather like them with this busy dress. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Loads of travel tips here -
Go ahead, call me a geek: I'm in Latin Club. 
I'm just beginning my third year of taking Latin as a class and I'm enthralled with Roman culture. After freshman year, I began to really, really, REALLY want to go to Italy. Rome, Florence, Venice, Pompeii, the Amalfi coast, unbelievable food, impeccably crafted clothes, and a generally more relaxed atmosphere. The Latin program at my school takes a trip every few years to Italy over spring break. I personally can't go, but just hearing my teacher talk about it reminds me of how much I want to.







This has to be my favorite view: My parents visited Positano when my mom was expecting me and brought back a colorful tile we incorporated into our backsplash. Ever since, I've wanted to see the place the tile was based off of.

Ciao for now

Monday, October 27, 2014

Perception vs. Reality

I always see those funny posts where bloggers take their instagram pictures and say what it really took to get the perfect shot. We tend to only portray our lives as we want to on social media when, in reality, they may be totally different. 
Even though we don't have a ton of pictures or followers, I'll still put way too much effort into getting the perfect 'gram

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What it looks like: What a cute and preppy inspiration board! 
What actually happened: I dug out all of my favorite brand stuff out from under my numerous flyers and calendars and movie tickets and sporting event tickets all of which were laying in a mountain on the table below.

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What it looks like: I drink only name brand lemon juice because I'm just THAT fancy
What actually happened: I was babysitting and the little girl was obsessed with this stuff and made me try one. I ended up opening it up after both kids were in bed and I was watching Frozen alone #noshame

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What it looks like: I just love fall with my preppy riding boots! What a cute and clever caption. 
What actually happened: I looked like an idiot standing outside in my yard after church bent over to the side, almost upside down, trying to keep my legs still so I could get the perfect shot.

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What it looks like: How fabulous am I? My cute paper straw matches my cute paper nails which matches my yummy lemonade. Yay summer!
What actually happened: I painted my nails pink and they looked pretty good so I tried to think of a creative way to instagram them. I ended up fixing myself a glass of lemonade and putting in a leftover paper straw from my birthday party (which I didn't even use to drink out of). 

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What it looks like: I just naturally have awesome hair all the time even when I'm not trying. I also tend to wear cute turtlenecks in my spare time
What actually happened: I was trying to figure out what fit me and what didn't from last year's winter clothes. I happened to be in this turtleneck when I thought "hey I haven't posted to instagram in a while" and literally took 100 selfies before I decided this one was decent #theselfiestruggle

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Monday, October 20, 2014

The Cure-All

I must first sincerely apologize for my radio silence. I know I should probably give a heads up or something but I've been a bit overwhelmed between school work, my attempt at a social life, marching band, latin club, learning to drive, maybe blogging, trying to help get a newspaper published, and occasionally getting dressed presentably. I've violated my "no-leggings-as-pants" rule more times than I can remember and I haven't bought anything new since I purchased my homecoming dress. The truth is I'm falling out of my habit of looking presentable because I can't handle it. I'm drowning in junior year. All I have to do is make it to June, so until then expect sparse posting. I still will post to instagram-I seem to be more able to take pictures for that-so if you want to follow along, that's where I suggest you go. 
Sorry for the depressing overload there but it has to be said. I want to be honest with whoever is loyal enough to still be reading now and again. 
Back to the blog.
Way back in September (where did that entire month go?!), Anastasia and I took posed for some pictures before marching band and, obviously, we got only 3 or 4 decent ones. The rest, of course, were total derps. If you're looking for a laugh, here you go:

Kudos to Anastasia for being the most attractive human being I'm aware of 

Ummm...Apparently I didn't know the picture was being taken

My brother was coming at me with an unknown sharp object...

...I guess we weren't paying attention?

The assistant drum major, Lisa, happened to come out while we taking pictures and then this happened 

Episode II: The return of Lisa

 ...because laughter is the best medicine
See the non-goofy pictures here
Until next time, readers!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Inspired by: Classic Prep

Around this time last year, I realized that my style fell into the preppy category. Before that, I had flitted between trends and was kind of style-confused. As fall is upon us, so is the season of tweed blazers, riding boots, tights, and plaid of all sorts and with that comes my obsession with classic prep.

{via, via, via}
Who could resist the crisp, clean yet lived in clothes made of only the finest material? The rich colors, the luxurious colors, the utter proper-ness of it all! How could I not be obsessed? With all the over-the-top preppiness I've been seeing (think huge vineyard vines logos, more monograms than necessary, and shopping exclusively from stores like Lily Pulitzer), these little bits and pieces of inspiration for fall style are just what I needed.

{via, via, via, via, via}
Happy Fall!

PS, Still not enough prep? Check out these tumblrs: Azimuth Circle, Prepfection, Summer Wind

Saturday, September 20, 2014


How amazing is this album cover?

I guess I'm a little late on this one but I have recently named myself a Swiftie. Taylor's new album 1989 is coming out on October 27, 2014 and both Hannah and I are very excited. 

I had drifted away from Taylor when Red came out because I really wasn't into the bubble- gum pop aspect of it. But now, after 2 years, Taylor has changed her hair (which I love, by the way), sound, and inspiration, ready to release a unique new album to the world. 

During a worldwide live stream to share the new album news, Taylor explained how she walks just waiting to be inspired by New York. She will even be sharing voice memos on the album from when she was struck with a chord, melody, or lyric idea and just had record it.  

Taylor also explained how she had been listening the late 80's pop music (yay for the 80's!), and loved how people did such innovative things and didn't care what anyone thought, they just did it. Hence, 1989 (also the year she was born).

Is this outfit not fabulous? Sophistication+playfulness=perfection
Taylor has really grown since her older songs such as "Love Story" (which I still love) and I think she has really put her all into this album. As a viewer, "Shake It Off" is so catchy and amazing for two reasons: 1. Taylor is being herself in the video and 2. people can relate to that. We all want to dance along and belt out "Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate..." and not care about that anyone thinks, just as she doesn't. There's also the fact that she's contrasting beautiful, professional dancing with her own awkward-ness. I mean, let's be honest, both Hannah and I look pretty much exactly like that when we dance.

Taylor Swift: 1989 Album Cover and Promo Pics -01

My calender is marked for October 27 for when 1989 is being released. Until then, I will continue to admire Taylor's new haircut and dance wildly to "Shake It Off" because, despite its pop-song status, it is total perfection.  




Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lazy Days

Confession time: I dress "casually" about 85% of the time. And by casually, I mean oversized tees and running shorts.
Not exactly cute, but when you're up until midnight taking notes and enduring 12 hour days at school (welcome to marching band season), it's a necessity. I want to look cute, I really do, but most some days it just doesn't happen. This got me wondering if there was a way to look cute and preppy sans paint stained middle school shorts. I remembered seeing various giveaways from a magical site called Krass & Co that offered amazingly attractive running shorts. A pair of those, nice flip flops or cute sneakers, a stylish tee (plain ones, 5 for $20 at wet seal), and a thick headband to battle bed-head will keep you looking like you have your crap together even on days when you don't.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Featuring: J.Crew

I am totally smitten with J.Crew's new fall arrivals. With everything from preppy plaid to cozy cable knits on their virtual shelves, I can't decide what to scoop up first! Some of the pieces, such as the leather skirt, are slightly outside of my conservative and semi-preppy comfort zone, but neutral colors make the styles more approachable while details like shoulder zippers add visual interest to keep each piece from becoming "just another sweater/skirt/pair of flats". This may just be what I need to curb my end-of-summer blues...
P.s. $60 for a skirt not in your budget? Never fear! All new arrivals are 30% off right now.