Sunday, August 26, 2012


 (Top: Land's End, Jeans: H&M, Jacket: Eddie Bauer, Necklace: Vintage, Flats: Kenneth Cole)

 Well, we've survived first week of fall!
I do admit i miss summer, but i love fall too. But i am VERY glad for a weekend!
And this preppy and polished look is the way to start it off. These jeans are actually pink, believe it or not, but the photo quality is down due to lack of a camera...i need a new one.
So just like the jeans, the orange-y tones on the necklace are pink. I added one of my favorite button downs which is my pinstripe one. I love it so much because it's a print that acts as a neutral. So it adds intrest, but not too much to the point where it's too busy. I capped the look with some super fun flats (some of my favorite shoes...) and a denim jacket. Like i said in one of my other posts, even if a look is casual and plain, the jacket adds a finish to it which makes the outfit perfect. Again, awesome way to start the weekend!
See you next week!

Desert Ready

 (Tee: Old Navy, Jeans: Talbot's, Heels: American Eagle, Belt: Land's End, Scarf: Gift)

 Today i thought I'd spice it up a bit and wear some heels! This type of boot is supposedly called a "desert boot". I would NOT walk through the desert in them, but i love them nonetheless. I added a pair of boyfriend jeans and a tee. Boyfriend jeans are perfect. I think girls wear them more and it is a boy style after all...
But i just love the way they fit and how comfy they are. The are slouchy without being sloppy and even if you just wear them with a tee, they still seem more stylish than casual. To add to the desert look, i tied a rugged scarf and then added a stack of bangles (my favorite!). A casual outfit without being trashy or frumpy. Perfect!

Wishing for Summer

 (Top: H&M, Skirt: Abercrombie & Fitch, Oxfords: Gap, Sunnies: Vintage, Bracelet: New york & Company)

  Today was more balmy and sunny so, even though it's september, i went for a summery look. It's also very coordinated. Everything has a match. but sometimes a "by the book" style day is JUST what the doctor ordered. the flowy skirt was obvious to me. It's relaxed and loose, just like the top and the colors in the two match perfectly. These oxfords match too. And let me tell you, i am OBSESSED with these babies! i got them on sale at the gap outlet and i was SO excited because i have been dying for a pair since i don't know HOW long! and these suede ones are perfect. The cute bracelet matches them too and the vintage wayfayers tie it all together and add even more of a summery vibe to the ensemble.
only 2 days until the weekend!

the Blue's

 (Shirt: Eddie Bauer, Skirt: American Eagle, Belt: Talbot's, Scarf: Gap, Flip Flops: Hollister)

Have you ever felt so excited on your first day, and then every day after that is totally boring and you want to take a day off asap? That's usually how i am. Especially because it's a tuesday. tuesday is a complicated day. it's not the first day in the week, but it's still too early in the week to be enjoyable. so today, i kept it casual with a tee, denim skirt, and flip flops. then a belt and scarf to add SOME embellishment. I also went with a lot of bluer tones. Purples, denim, blue, and indigo all at once! A blue outfit for a blue and dreary day!
happy tuesday!

A First for Everything

 (Dress: Forever 21, Cardigan: Forever 21, Shoes: Sperry Topsiders, Belt: l.l.bean, Socks: Gap, Bracelets: vintage, vintage, new york & company)

If you notice, this outfit is a variation of look 1 on the back to school guide. It is indeed my first day outfit. Most schools start today and that means summer is over. So that's one of the firsts that the title mentions. The others are the clothes in the outfit! this is the first time that i have ever worn the socks, the cardigan, and the red bracelet. And the last first is or first 1000 views to our blog! It's incredible that we only started this blog around 2 months ago with almost no publicity and now we have over 1000 views. thanks for the support everyone!
So anyways, this outfit is super preppy and the colors are a major sneak peak into fall even though it's only the first day of school. The style of the shirt dress, the varsity cardigan, the preppy boat shoes, and the cuffed socks also add to the academic look. Good luck on your fist day!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Island time

 (Jacket: Eddie Bauer, Top: Wet Seal, Shorts: Vintage, Belt: Target)

Hello Everyone!
Finally, an outfit post again! These past to weeks have been so busy between shopping at the outlets, boogie boarding, sitting in the hot tub, golfing, eating at amazing restaurants, ect, that i barely have time to do anything else. today is a travel day (we are about to leave...) and that's why this post is SO early! This is my second travel day outfit and this one is a bit more elaborate because i finished the look of with my brand new denim jacket. This thing is my new favorite piece of clothing. i've wanted one for a while and got one at the outlets on sale. The shorts are actually vintage and i didn't quite know if they worked, but they are SO high waisted that i thought they looked just retro enough to be in style. finally, a supersoft tee, and an olive belt and i'm ready to roll!
Happy travels!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School style guide

now, before you yell at me for even making you think about it, this is not really about back to school, it's about your first day outfit. a challenge that plagues us all. Something fabulous to impress the pepole you haven't seen ALL SUMMER. Pressure much?
So i created my 3 favorite looks that are preppy, and most importantly, follow school guidelines. So enjoy this video i have created just for you guys!
ps, the words go kinda fast so read them before looking at the pictures. if you need, just like go back.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pretty in Pink

My favorite color is pink. Girly, pretty, and just so me. So i compiled another collage with a bunch of stylish tidbits that are ALL PINK. so if you're not a big fan of this feminine color, then just look at some older posts because that's all there is here!
So i apologize for the lack of posting. With me between shopping trips, relaxing on the beach, kite flying, and biking, i rarely get time to eat and sleep! so i had time for this one evening and there's another cool post coming very soon so keep an eye out...
anyways, enjoy the pink and i'll write soon!
heels/bracelet/bow blouse/nail polish/ring/button down/bangle/bird sweater/necklace/gloves/pants/two tone dress/ sandals/skirt/hat/wrap dress/geo bracelet/ phone/dot dress/sperrys/cup/ cosmetic bag/clutch/blazer/socks/nail polish/sunnies/sperrys/pumps/collared blouse

Friday, August 17, 2012


well hello there!
today,  i was sitting on the beach thinking about summer. And i realized, once again, that it's almost over! i know, you probably don't want to think about that right now, but it's true! and so i made this here collage to comemmorate all of the things that say summer to me. the beach, picnics, apple pie, fresh strawberries, the whole bit! so enjoy this collage (click to enlarge) and remember to enjoy summer while we can.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful...

 (Dress: abercrombie and fitch, Flip Flops: hollister, Necklace: homemade, Bracelets (bottom to top): vintage, target, j.crew, forever 21)

Greetings from the sand and surf!
yes, I am still at the beach and lovin it! Travel diary soon to come...
This outfit SCREAMS the beach from the cute and breezy plaid dress, to the homemade necklace, to the messy stack of bracelets to the super casual flip flops! it all adds to the theme of "i just threw this on, and yes, i am still stylish!" that comes with summer. everything here is casual and chic in a somewhat messy way. From the tangle of wire on the necklace to the way the bracelets are stacked, every detail says summer and the beach. However, the dress can be a bit short so i wore capri leggings from target to make it more appropriate, and even thought they were leggings, it was still summery! take a look:

enjoy summer while it lasts!