Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pretty in Pink

My favorite color is pink. Girly, pretty, and just so me. So i compiled another collage with a bunch of stylish tidbits that are ALL PINK. so if you're not a big fan of this feminine color, then just look at some older posts because that's all there is here!
So i apologize for the lack of posting. With me between shopping trips, relaxing on the beach, kite flying, and biking, i rarely get time to eat and sleep! so i had time for this one evening and there's another cool post coming very soon so keep an eye out...
anyways, enjoy the pink and i'll write soon!
heels/bracelet/bow blouse/nail polish/ring/button down/bangle/bird sweater/necklace/gloves/pants/two tone dress/ sandals/skirt/hat/wrap dress/geo bracelet/ phone/dot dress/sperrys/cup/ cosmetic bag/clutch/blazer/socks/nail polish/sunnies/sperrys/pumps/collared blouse

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