Sunday, June 29, 2014

Swimsuit Picks

June 2014

Well summer has finally arrived! Whether it be lounging by the pool, swimming in the ocean, or tanning under the sun, a strong swimsuit collection is essential. Here are just five swimsuit styles that will have you looking super chic under the hot summer sun. 

 1. A duo-patterned bikini (Vogue)

2. Classy one piece with a retro flare (Modcloth)

 3. Unique boho crochet top (American Eagle)

 4. Keeping it simple with color blocking (Garage)

5. Kate Spade tie front with summery prints 

Happy summer!

Friday, June 27, 2014

On the List: Watches

Welcome, readers, to summer on TPF. During these precious months of no school and warm weather, my main focus (other than spending time outside, getting in shape, and relaxing) is coming up with new post features. This new feature, On the List, outlines what I'm shopping around for lately and/or what is at the top of my wish list. Lately, I've been loving how a bold and well-made watch looks on one's arm. The more subtle leather strap still gives an air of being put-together but is certainly more casual. The shark watch continues to be one of my favorite accessories because of its functionality. It may not be stylish, but I'd be lost without it.
My current favorites are the gold Marc Jacobs, the pink Fossil, and the light brown leather Fossil
What trends have you been watching lately? (see what I did there? the puns are endless)

Monday, June 23, 2014


I've been told before that I have quite the scarf collection but, honestly, I don't wear half of them because I don't know how to style them. Those oblong silk scarves hang on my scarf rack so sadly just begging to be worn but I never knew to how until now. 


Does Blair Eadie know how to rock a fifties skirt/scarf combo or what?

{via, via, viavia, viavia}

I didn't realize that it was socially acceptable to wear scarves around one's neck like Blair wears hers. Maybe it's just her ability to pull off anything and everything but she makes a look previously deemed outdated seem new, classy, and totally chic. I'll certainly be trying to style a scarf like her in the near future. I also love the creativity of adding one of these scarves to a shoulder strap on a handbag or tied in one's hair. 
What do you think? Is the silk scarf-knotted-around-the-neck style socially acceptable or a total faux pas?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend Recap

My Week in Photos

Celebrating Father's Day at Camden Yards (ninth row!!)

My little brother graduated from middle school!! (and I also saw The Fault in Our Stars)

I successfully gave these would-be seersucker pants new life by transforming them into seersucker shorts

A relaxing day filled with yoga and getting a head start on summer reading

We picnic-ed on a vineyard/farm in between the thunderstorms

Spending the first day of summer outdoors. It was ironic that on the first day of summer, it was 70 degrees and rainy and chilly to the point that wearing a sweatshirt and a vest was necessary

The camping continues: epic canoeing wars

Time to welcome in the new week!

Friday, June 20, 2014

The List

Summer Checklist

Silk Camisole: I love the idea of a plain tank top that breathes, is light and airy, and moves with me. Soft and smooth, utterly luxe, and super breezy. I will definitely be picking at least one up to wear with everything from a cute skirt to under a blazer.

Bohemian Blouse: As I mentioned in this post, I'm in love with this new top. The fabric is light and the top isn't too tight. The stitching and embroidery is impeccable. J.crew has officially made the perfect summer bohemian blouse for even the most devout of preps. 

Baseball Cap: For the more casual days, to hide my hair. In general, to prevent sunburn.

Leather Tote Bag: This can serve as a beach bag, an adorable accessory, a carry-on for travel, the list goes on. In short, it's the most versatile bag a girl could want for only $40 (and it has a tassel!!)

Throw-On Sundress: Not that I need another dress, but the dresses I have always make me feel too dressed up when I put them on. I need a simple dress that's comfy and casual and can go from day to night.

Shift Dress: Does this even need explaination? A shift (namely seersucker) can be worn to any event over the course of the summer. This option from target is only $25.

Adorable Bikini: I bought this bikini and I adore it. It's more conservative and flattering than your average swimsuit and IT'S COVERED IN PINEAPPLES!!

Sun Hat: When I think of a floppy sun hat, I envision a lady dressed to the nines at the kentucky derby or Blair Eadie pairing one with a maxi dress. Either way, a floppy hat is the most fabulous way to protect yourself from the sun.

Jack Rogers: These sandals are completely versatile and the perfect neutral sandal for summer. They can dress an outfit up or down and are as comfy as a pair of flip flops. I'm hoping for a pair for my birthday!

What's on your list?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Wave

Tuesday June 17 
First Day of Summer

With all my books read, papers turned-in, and finals taken, I am now half way through my high school career. These 2 years have gone by so quickly i's unbelievable. But before my junior year starts, and all the craziness that comes with it, I'm looking forward to a busy, fun, relaxing, and much needed summer vacation. I'm looking forward to recharging the batteries before the madness of school begins again. 

Summer is the season where we all come alive. Shedding the bulky sweaters, taming the uncut lawn, slicing open a watermelon or two, and enjoying the new patio furniture. With so many things to love and look forward to (and here are just a few of mine) it's hard not to love summer.

Esta es una de la cosas que más me gusta hacer contigo...Da igual el lugar y cuando porque tú y yo somos nuestro riconcito del mundo!!
1. Picnics!

A view before step into the beach (36679932)
2. The beach

3. Seasonal food

4. Night Sky

5. Reading on the beach

Raspberry Sunrise Smoothie ~ 4-ingredient raspberry mango smoothie... so easy and amazingly refreshing!
6. Delicious summer drinks

7. I'm actually looking forward to reading my AP Psych book and doing the assigned notes

These are just a few things I am super pumped to do this summer, and this is excluding all the adventures and memories that are going to be made. 
So what are you looking forward to do this summer?



Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sporty Chic

I've totally been swooning over the more casual sporty look lately (despite my stunning lack of involvement in athletics). On my shopping list? A new pair of converse, a tennis skirt, and a sturdy pair of overalls.

i need a baseball tee...


{via, via, via, via, via, via}

I think one of the best things about this trend is the idea that one can look casual and slouchy and chic at the same time. Chic AND comfortable? who'da thunk?

Get the look

Friday, June 13, 2014


You, my lovely readers, are about to see what I consider to be my FIRST EVER J.Crew purchase:

Blouse: J.crew, Shorts: the limited, Sandals: old, Earrings: Forever 21, Bandeau: Garage
Kudos to my lovely mother for photographing me 
This blouse...I couldn't wait to wear it after buying it at a J.crew outlet for $12. That's right, this originally $75 blouse, in my size, for $12, I basically fell over when I saw it. I've been dying for this exact top for a while and have considered substituting other bohemian-style tops that were more reasonably priced but wow. I basically have no more words. 
In other news, while I typed this post up at 6 pm last night after devouring a shrimp salad sub and before studying madly, I'm currently taking my final final: GT Chemistry. When my mother picks me up around 9:45 am, I will be officially on summer break and therefore, HALFWAY through high school. I'm celebrating tonight with an Ap-world-history-paper-burning-bonfire and was supposed to picnic at a local vineyard last night (hence my super bohemian outfit) but the rain prevented us from actually going. As for the rest of the  summer, I have a lot planned and I can't wait to share it all with you!
What do you have planned for summer?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pop Art

Even when I can't afford the expensive brand named clothes, not that I want all of them, I look out for eye-catching garments and trends. Recently, certain clothes have continuously gotten my attention: ones with a daring pop art flare. The bold, deliberate strokes and bright colors are dramatic, painterly, and sophisticated, airy, and summery. By the end of my summer shopping sprees I hope to own a few art pop inspired clothes such as these designer masterpieces.  

  Prada Spring 2014


BXLThWrCYAATY1y.jpg large
Kenzo {merges pop art and surrealism}



Stephen Burrows "When Fashion Danced"

Andrew Gn
Andrew Gn

Antonio Marras
Antonio Marras




Monday, June 9, 2014



I've fallen completely behind on my reading lately. Between finals and school in general, the only full books I've read have been Inferno (for school) and The Fault in our Stars but that's about it...for the past few months! I'm usually an avid reader so this new pattern is strange for me and not in a good way. Now that summer is approaching (along with my birthday), I've begun to invest more time into reading and have become intrigued in quite a few books. Some of these are style books, others are novels, others are required reading for AP English next year. Regardless, I'm hoping to add a few new books to my shelf.
Read any good books lately? Please share! I'm in desperate need of literary guidance!