Thursday, January 30, 2014

Oh, Brother...

Siblings anyone? Sister? Brother? All of the above? 

Well, I do have my brother who is two years older than me. Some days he'll dare come down to the kitchen wearing some oddly matched clothing... ahhh gotta love big bros. My mom and I exchange disapproving glances and send him on his way back up the stairs. But, I must say, my brother has a pretty good sense of style. He doesn't wear a t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers everyday but rather a more modern "European" look by which I mean he actually looks presentable and not like he is wearing what he wore to bed the night before (like most boys). But, I thought it'd be fun to scavenge through my brother's closet and fish out a manly yet fashionable outfit for a normal day. Here are my findings: 

Here we have a burgundy/ red long- sleeve tee, a green, fleece pull-over, light khaki pants, and casual dress shoes. I think the burgundy is a great winter color for anyone and since it's cold outside the pull- over adds color and warmth with perfect balance of masculinity. 

Burgundy tee- Old Navy
Khaki Pants- Levi's at Macy's (Levi's are awesome for young men. My bro mostly wears Levi's and they come in tons or cool colors like dark green and a dark purple)

Green pullover- Old Navy 
This pullover really works here because it's a lush, manly green and doesn't look super baggy like a sweatshirt would, it's filled with fleece too:)

Brown casual shoes- Macy's men's shoes
Yep, my brother wears a size 11 but these shoes look very good on his large feet. They are perfect for going to Christmas parties and going out to dinner too.

This outfit really combines the manly comfort with the fashions of the modern world--not that I'm an expert male outfitter or anything but still.... The burgundy and red add color, the khakis add class, and the shoes are comfy, sh, and casual. The perfection recipe for any brother.
Boy, oh, boy...


Monday, January 27, 2014

DIY Necklace Holder

My system for jewelry organization has never been good...

{It's pretty bad...} I wanted to find a way to keep the necklaces separate, but look nice and go with the color scheme in my room. While just reading in my room the other day, I looked at the cubbies and the storage bins inside of them and hatched an ingenious plan: Use the flat bottoms of the bins as a board to hang my necklaces from. Luckily, I also happened to have 2 white knobs kicking around from when I redid my room. And so began the 10-minute jewelry hanger.

{Yay Power Tools!!!}
Most of this craft is actually fitted to how I did it personally so if you try this, yours may not need nuts at all or you may not want to use the chalk at all, but I felt it necessary to include them here because they are all included in the craft.

Place the knobs where you want them in the finished product and trace around the base with chalk
It should end up looking like this:
{It's fine if they're messy like mine. They don't have to be perfect, you just need an outline.}

Next, have someone help you hold the board and drill a hole in the center of the circles you just drew.
It should look like this:

Put the nuts onto the screws and tighten them using the wrench (not shown)
Then place the knobs on top and tighten using the wrench again (not shown)

It should look something like this:
{Side view}
{Top view}

Warning: this method of hanging it on the wall is kind of ghetto, but it worked and is still hanging there as I type.
I stuck a thumbtack through the flap at the top and attached the whole thing to the wall

Hang up your necklaces and enjoy!

I'm really proud of myself for doing this without the help of my DIY expert parents (uh, hello? I used power tools on my own!) and it really turned out beautifully. I really like the way it looks and the way it works.
This project is only the beginning though! This storage idea has inspired me to make a bracelet holder and an earring organizer. Not to mention all of the other lovely crafts my DIY pinterest board holds. If any of you managed to read my ENTIRE 101 in 1001 list (I don't blame you if you didn't...), you'd know that I have plans to clean out the old toy room that is adjoining my bedroom and turn it into a craft room for my mom and I to work in. If that gets done before I go to college, it'll be a miracle, but it's progress nonetheless.
Keep an eye out for more how-to posts in the near future!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Goals for 2014 and Beyond

I don't know if any of you have ever seen Mackenzie's Blog, but she just completed a challenge she calls 101 in 1001. It's where you make a list 101 goals to be completed in 1001 days (roughly 2.75 years). A New Year's resolution list of sorts. I love making lists so i thought i'd try it. If i start today, this list will hopefully be completed in November of 2016, aka my senior year of high school (absolutely crazy for me to conceptualize). My goals will probably change a bit and will constantly be edited, but for now, these are 101 goals for a sophomore in high school

Start: December 1st, 2013
End: September 5th, 2016

  1. Come up with 101 goals (isn't this everyone's first goal?)
  2. Customize twirl to my style/my co-bloggers' styles
  3. finish the Lord of the Rings series I'm almost through the second book
  4. get my own computer
  5. refine my style 
  6. refine my wardrobe
  7. complete kendi's 30x30 challenge
  8. complete matchbook's novel list
  9. complete matchbook's movie list
  10. upgrade my camera
  11. get at least a 4 on the AP world exam
  12. get all A's for at least 2 quarters
  13. become a section leader in marching band
  14. get into wind ensemble (the most challenging band my school offers)
  15. get into varsity jazz band Got in on 12/20/13, 3rd chair!
  16. become more involved with my church
  17. re-arrange my room (again)
  18. buy clothing for quality, not quantity
  19. organize my computer files
  20. learn how to ski and snowboard
  21. learn how to french braid
  22. learn how to properly use chopsticks
  23. leave the country 
  24. visit a new state
  25. subscribe to a magazine
  26. send 25 letters 
  27. workout 3x a week for 4 months
  28. win one of those blog giveaways
  29. count blessings every night before bed
  30. see a hockey game
  31. be more serious about a skincare regimen  (aka invest in skincare products)
  32. cook a full dinner for my family once a month
  33. keep my bedroom spotless for at least 2 weeks (hah good luck with this one, Hannah)
  34. publish another issue of twirl (online magazine)
  35. go camping twice
  36. See NYC at christmas time 12/23/13
  37. grow my hair halfway down my back
  38. throw a surprise party
  39. learn calligraphy
  40. have my hair and makeup professionally done
  41. See a Broadway production
  42. Visit Barney's, Bergdorf's 12/23/13, and Bloomingdale's 
  43. visit a spa
  44. learn how to drive stick shift
  45. come up with my own post series for twirl
  46. hold monthly meetings about the blog
  47. find out my blood type
  48. find my signature scent 
  49. Figure out if i prefer silver or gold
  50. eat breakfast at Tiffany's 12/23/13
  51. Catch a baseball at an oriole's game
  52. get on the screen at a sport's game
  53. plan outfits in advance for a month
  54. Turn my old toy room into a craft room
  55. get at least a 1900 on the SAT
  56. do one good deed daily
  57. have a word of the day everyday for a month 
  58. go to a Raven's game
  59. redo my bathroom
  60. see the ending of mean girls
  61. reconnect and meet up with my English teacher
  62. listen to one new piece of classical music every month
  63. ride a new rollercoaster (eek!)
  64. try at least 10 new foods (or as many as possible) fried banana, ...
  65. Go to one of my friends' dance recitals
  66. develop a hair care routine
  67. go to Disney world again
  68. go to Hawaii again
  69. Sit through 3 hobbit movies consecutively 
  70. learn how to tie a bow-tie
  71. stay 1 day ahead on my homework assignments for a month
  72. In accordance with #57, buy a dictionary
  73. See every James Bond movie 
  74. Pay attention in my classes and take more notes
  75. Buy a hairdryer  Got it for Christmas!! 12/25/13
  76. be inducted into NHS (national honors society)
  77. participate in a school play/musical
  78. participate in my school's magazine/newspaper
  79. publish a book/story 
  80. get a job (that i enjoy?)
  81. try to make at least one craft a month
  82. get a private music teacher
  83. learn how to play another brass instrument (ie trumpet, baritone, tuba) Working on baritone...i can currently play the B flat concert scale up and down 
  84. run a mile without stopping
  85. make blogging friends Mady, Yi-Chia, Megan, need i list more? 
  86. meet a blogging friend (when i make one..)  Mady...goes to my school
  87. get 10000 views on the blog  
  88. get 50 followers on the blog  
  89. get 100 followers on instagram 
  90. watch, and fully enjoy, a sunrise and sunset
  91. upgrade my phone to an android 
  92. weed through my closet monthly
  93. Complete healthcare for the homeless project with Anastasia
  94. Celebrate my 16th birthday
  95. Finish watching my favorite shows
  96. Find a finger on which to wear my favorite ring (my class ring is going on my right ring finger)
  97. Drink 5 glasses of water a day for a month
  98. get a manicure
  99. see my first concert
  100. go on a picnic
  101. explore Baltimore

Monday, January 13, 2014


Makeup? I've never been good at it.
Mascara is a lot for me and I only use it to dress up. My normal routine is washing, exfoliating, moisturizing, then a bit of pressed powder and lip balm. My face doesn't carry makeup well so keeping it absolutely minimal is kind of key. Plus, being in high school, putting on makeup takes time in the morning that I really would rather spend sleeping.
Despite my generally negative attitude about what people label as "beauty", one of my resolutions was to develop a bit of a routine involving cosmetic products.
My idea of having beauty routine involves taking care of myself/keeping my skin healthy and happy. Basically, I need to acquire better skincare products. I'm hoping to buy a clarisonic over the course of the year. It's all kind of pricey in the eyes of a teen who has no job, but I think I'm becoming willing to invest in more high quality products for the sake of taking better care of my skin. Moisturizer is an obvious, but other than those, I'm clueless. Now if my teachers and parents have taught me anything over the years, it's that you should always research what you don't know about. I've done my research and these are the results:

Despite my bias towards the cleanser I'm using now, I think these scrubs come in a close second. They clean the skin without stripping it or drying it out and make one's skin more healthy as a whole. Pair that with the clarisonic and some BB or CC cream (suggested by Mady), and I'll have a winning routine that leaves my skin happier and healthier.
As for my eyes, My lashes are naturally long and naturally curly. They're darker at the base and lighten into a transparent blond at the tips which is why I always used to suffocate them in mascara. Since then, I've realized that clear mascara is just as good. It makes your lashes look a bit darker and holds them in place if you curl them. Plus, if you rub your eyes, nothing happens. My clear mascara is actually almost out so I'm looking for a new tube and as covergirl is a personal favorite, that seems like the brand to buy.
Any other suggestions? The reviews from these products were generally very good, but if you've used one and hated it, please let me know so I can generally avoid it. Thanks!
Ps, midterms are this week so the rest of the team and I will be on a bit of a hiatus so that we can study and focus on getting the best grades possible. Thanks for understanding!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

So Far, So Good

As both Anastasia and I both posted about the New Year, I feel like i shouldn't post anything more about it, yet here i am: Typing to my handful of readers about my upcoming plans

Honestly, 2013 was great for me: a lot of learning took place and continues to take place but I'm settling into a niche and I think I like that.
As for the new year, I have some big plans (my full list of resolutions will be posted soon). Some involve heath (better diet, exercise, drink more water, the usual), some involve school (stop procrastinating!), and a lot involve improving my overall lifestyle. 

I also am looking to post more of my daily outfits. Every day isn't perfect in terms of my outfits (read yoga pants and uggs  #guiltypleasure), but i'm certainly improving the style quality of my day-to-day attire. I also don't approve of just laying it out on the floor anymore. a) it's way to much work for what it ends up looking like and b) clothes are meant to be worn. Keep an eye out for those posts too.

One of the things I continue to notice around the web is that the more successful bloggers have mastered the art of social media, namely instagram. They always know what to take pictures of and how to present it. I continue to experiment and struggle, but one of my goals is to try to get social media down to a science; find some method to the madness.

In addition to the media training I'll be giving myself, I'd also like to see the blog as more than just an outlet for creativity. My goal is to get a few sponsors and hopefully be able to treat blogging as my occupation as well as one of my favorite hobbies. If anyone has any interest in doing blog swaps, sponsoring, etc... please contact us at . We really would like to start branching out with blogging and trying new things. 

I also love interior design. Definitely not as much as style, but I miss not having any DIY home improvement projects as an extra outlet for my creativity. This year, I'm hoping to redo the bathroom that my brother and I share as well as my desk/office area. I'm craving some design projects and have some fabulous ideas in mind already! If any of you have any suggestions, please feel free to share and look out for those posts at some point this year as well.

Lastly, I'm looking to give myself a set beauty routine. I honestly don't wear that much makeup: mascara is dressing up. My routine has 2 components: pressed powder and eos. I never actually feel that I need much more. I want need to develop a non-makeup oriented beauty routine. Better skincare/moisturizing or somehow taking better care of my hair, etc... If one's skin is radiant and healthy, makeup isn't necessary (in my opinion...I am only 15 after all). Any skin/hair care must haves you think i should try?

Although my full list of resolutions is much more extensive, these little points are definitely my main goals. What do you have planned for 2014?