Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Too Late to be Inspired?

Well i know its nine, (procrastination! WOO!!)
but i needed to post...i just had to
so today is inspiration tuesday and the base is a white tee and skinny jeans:
Tee from H&M: $7.95
Jeans from forever 21: $24.80

So i knew there were some cool blazers from Gap and wanted to check out baublebar so i splurged
so here's what i'm pairing it with:

Gap $88

H&M $34.95

BaubleBar $28

BaubleBar $36

BaubleBar $36

J.Crew $39.50
So i based everything around the blazer and instead of being preppy, i think it became almost edgy...i don't know...i want it!

Anyways, look out for a halloween guest post tomorrow...tomorrow is my day off anyways...
ok! more of these to come!

Ps, 2000 views!! Thanks to all of our followers and viewers for your support! luv ya!
and hopefully many thousands more to come!

PPS, Sandy is over...no power outages here and back to school tomorrow, but for now, its calming down (thank the lord nothing happened) and for all of you still in the storm, stay safe and good luck! My prayers are with you!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy and a Pumpkin Surprise

Well, as i promised, modays are my artsy-fartsy photography trials so today, i took one artsy shot and a few of sandy (earlier today...around 2)
Now? Sandy is SO much worse...
my puppy, Buster, had to have surgery recently and has a cast so every time he has to tinkle, i have to walk him.

so i just went out to take him and it was ca-RAZY! i'm seriously surprised we still have power (and thankful too) but i can hear the wind as we speak.

so i'm just worried that there won't be trick-or-treating!!! I mean, i crave the free candy and i have a super unique costume this year! I'm being one of those baltimore hons...like from hairspray!!!

All i can say is that it involves a fruit dress, cat-eye sunglasses, and more hairspray than can be healthy for my hair...

anyways...since this is my artsy day, here's a little pumpkin basket thats kinda see through and glows almost...i thought it was cool against the interesting hurricane lighting

I think that there should be a crayon named hurricane gray...because i certainly can't explain it any other way...
Another long post...i know...haha

At Long Last...

The wait is over!
I, Birdy, have returned, and no, i was not dead, dying, or anything of the sort. I just needed a little break...school work is stressful and between that and my social life (what social life?), i have been a busy bee.
But i am currently in the midst of hurricane sandy (we still have power!!!) and school has been canceled for the day so here i am, catching up with my minimal followers!

I have mostly done daily outfit posts that i wasn't even wearing and i think that is getting boring. I want to show my style and how i react to trends and how i put things together. I'm even getting sky to work a little harder too! (right sky?!)
so i've set out some really cool new segments to show you guys:
Weekly schedule;

Sunday: day of rest/planning

Monday: photo day--i'm really getting into being all artsy fartsy with a camera and since this is half my blog, i can post whatever i want, right?

Tuesday:trend report--i'll give you one of my favorite trends and make an outfit around it. Similarly, i usedd to do a virtual magazine called Ruffles and Wallpaper and one of the things that we did was to take something simple (ie. white tee and jeans) and add to it to create a really cool outfit. it's called our inspiration!

Wednesday: day of rest (both sky and i have marching band from 5-7...no time for posting with that!)

Thursday:this is when i'll post my favorite outfit of the week. Just like old times, i'll lay my outfit out and take a picture of it and write a little blurby about it. I don't want to lose tradition completely!

Friday:purple friday update--i'll give you a review of last week's game and my raven's-licious outfit!

Monthly Segments:
a monthly collage of things that represent that month
looks for less--another article from that magazine, it's where i find a celebrity outfit or an expensive designer and make their style realistic for my budget
playlist of songs

Seasonal Segments:
color pallettes for the season

Once-In-A-While Segments:
book reviews
movie reviews
crafty crafts
and recipes

So i know this is a ton of writing, but i haven't been on for a while and i have a LOT to sort out!!!
So because it's monday, expect a photo soon, but i needed a seperate post JUST for this! :)

I'm glad to be back!
Stay safe for those experiencing sandy

Monday, October 15, 2012

Be Back in a Bit!

Hey guys!
i''m really sorry that i haven't been able to post much recently, but a TON has been going on. Unfortunately, i need to take some time off from the blog so for a bit, i wont be posting, but no worries! i'll get back asap! this is npt the last you'll see of birdy!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I just realized...

Well this is a surprise, but i just realized that i forgot something VERY important on my wish list:
can be found at:  http://www.onlineshoes.com/womens-dr-martens-fluorescents-8-eye-boot-hot-pink-patent-lamper-p_id105440
Ah-mazing pink, patent, docs for $120!
Yea...a bit pricey, but they're PINK
and patent
and beautiful...There's always Christmas, eh?

Friday, October 12, 2012

OMV! (Oh My Vase)

Sky here! I love vintage shops, and right down the road is a vintage flower shop with the best vases ever.
So here is my tribute to the power of the vase.

All vases from Blue Sage http://bluesagefloral.com/

Blue and Yellow go perfect together, ask Birdy she'll tell you. And I love the difference in not only the color, but the shape.

I love how the purple stands out across the yellow wall (for all you art people, think opposite colors on the color wheel). the light magenta also contrasts nicely with both the yellow and the purple.

These are my two favorite vases because they have the coolest texture and look awesome with flowers in them.

 This vase definitely reminds me of test tubes in a lab and is perfect for the chic geek and for a desk at home or work.

And where would we be without some purple pride? GO RAVENS!

A cool way to display vases is to line them up. Its a great statement piece in any room.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ms. Blue Sky

 (Top:Gap, Skirt: Forever 21, Belt: American Eagle, Necklace: Nordstroms, Earrings: gift, Bangles: NY&C and Vintage)

Happy Tuesday!
How long has it been since i did an outfit post? Pretty long...
Well i'm back!
So This outfit is a tad on the summery side, but I am a sucker for blue and yellow as a combo. And i've been dying to wear it for who knows how long and this short went with it perfectly. A Pencil skirt, a matching belt, bangles, and put on some fun flats and you're done!!!
So this is actually remixed version of a song title...what is it with me and songs nowadays?
Anyways, guess in the comments

Monday, October 8, 2012

Versatile Blogger

well now, i actually never thought that i might actually be nominated for one of these, even though i read more blogs than i probably should and have seen it around on various blogs and wondered "what if i got that award?"
So there you go! This means that my close friend over at polished thinks that my blogging is versatile! Well thank you Trendy Tips! It is an honor :)
Now if one is to recieve and accept said virtual award, then there are a few things one must do:
  1. nominate 15+ bloggers and tell them they've been nominated
  2. share 7 facts about yourself
  3. thank the person that nominated you
  4. send a link back to the nominator's blog
  5. put the picture on your post
I've done 3/5 so far so let's do the rest!!!

Now i feel bad just nominating willy-nilly so instead of  nominating all 15, im going to nominate 7 and explain why
I know...I am SUCH a rule breaker...
  1. Sarah Kate Style: Another one of my close friends, she is super stylish and looks for a deal. She has AMAZING writing skills and does interesting posts like "currently obsessed with" or "trendspotting"...very awesome blog!!!
  2. Phiphi's blog: A blogger who loves J.Crew and practically LIVES on versatile style! She's a great blogger who does frequent give-aways and fabulous fashionable outfits...check out her blog!!!
  3. Always Maylee: I love hher style. Although she's a shopaholic, she buys useful pieces and makes gorgeous outfits. She is right on trend and also does some great give-aways.
  4. Feathers and Freckles: A natural-born thrifter! Thrift stores are the ultimate versatile stores and she just did a post today on how she's been thrifting for so long...even before it was popular. Plus, she's always doing great DIYs that I NEVER thought were possible...check out her blog!
  5. Delightfully Tacky:  I love her segment that she calls the remix archives. It shows that pver time, shes used that piece a lot...i love that she tracks how many different ways that she can use pieces.
  6. Sandy a la Mode: Another shopaholic with a good sense of versatility. She buys awesome pieces and puts them together really well! Really cool blog!
  7. Sarah's Real Life: Just like the title says...it's her REAL LIFE! That means she can wear clothes that you could wear anywhere and still be in style...i love that it's a real person tyoe style that works for everything!
Well i advise you to visit the blog of each and every one of these ladies because these are my favorites by far.

So now, you get to learn 7 amazing facts about your truly!
  1. I have 2 adorable labradoodles that have been in almost every one of my collages...i'm planning on showing them on here more
  2. My favorite color is pink...i'm a girly girl
  3. I' m in marching band (yea...i'm kind of a geek...haha)
  4. I know some french, like 3 words in spanish, am learning latin, am fluent in english and text message language
  5. I plan my outfits a week in advance
  6. I've never left the Country (but i'm dying to!!!)
  7. I'm heading to NOLA in January!!!
Well I hope you enjoyed that tidbit of mine...and remember to blog versatile-ly :)

Yo, I'll tell you what i want, what i really, really want...

Well this is a long list, isn't it?
The shopping list of a fshionista is never empty!
I'm obviously never going to get all of this, but it's what i want!
Speaking of which, i assume you can name the song referenced in the title? tell me in the comments...
Keep on wishing, my twirl-lings!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The 3 P's

Pretty, Preppy, and Plaid!
Now i know this post is a bit small...but i only found a few pieces that fit this perfect print's standards. I wanted to find a lot of variety in garments and when your going for preppy plaids, that's not exactly easy
so i narrowed it down to the few best color combos and how they were used in the garment and came up with this collection! I generally am not obsessed with plaid, but these, i would wear.
And yes, i apologize about how much the plaid clashed with each other in this collage, but i promise that it is individually  beautiful :)


p.s, as always, click to enlarge!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fun Fall Bags

As you all ,ay have been wondering, Yes, i am still living and breathing. These have not only had outfits that weren't "up to par", but i had zero time to take pictures!! There was a debate, and dances, and baseball and football games, and no time for anything. SO, moving on...
My weekend is a lot less hectic and i was going onto my favorite designer's site for the first time in probably months, and an interesting handbag caught my eye. I looked through all of them and was amazed at how funky and interesting some of these are! Now unfortunately, they come at an expensive price...those cute little book clutches? $325 each
I know...painful, but still, interesting and great for fall

P.S, as always click to enlarge!
and P.P.S, which one is your favorite?
I love the faux wood one with the bird!