Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy and a Pumpkin Surprise

Well, as i promised, modays are my artsy-fartsy photography trials so today, i took one artsy shot and a few of sandy (earlier today...around 2)
Now? Sandy is SO much worse...
my puppy, Buster, had to have surgery recently and has a cast so every time he has to tinkle, i have to walk him.

so i just went out to take him and it was ca-RAZY! i'm seriously surprised we still have power (and thankful too) but i can hear the wind as we speak.

so i'm just worried that there won't be trick-or-treating!!! I mean, i crave the free candy and i have a super unique costume this year! I'm being one of those baltimore from hairspray!!!

All i can say is that it involves a fruit dress, cat-eye sunglasses, and more hairspray than can be healthy for my hair...

anyways...since this is my artsy day, here's a little pumpkin basket thats kinda see through and glows almost...i thought it was cool against the interesting hurricane lighting

I think that there should be a crayon named hurricane gray...because i certainly can't explain it any other way...
Another long post...i know...haha


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