Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Too Late to be Inspired?

Well i know its nine, (procrastination! WOO!!)
but i needed to post...i just had to
so today is inspiration tuesday and the base is a white tee and skinny jeans:
Tee from H&M: $7.95
Jeans from forever 21: $24.80

So i knew there were some cool blazers from Gap and wanted to check out baublebar so i splurged
so here's what i'm pairing it with:

Gap $88

H&M $34.95

BaubleBar $28

BaubleBar $36

BaubleBar $36

J.Crew $39.50
So i based everything around the blazer and instead of being preppy, i think it became almost edgy...i don't know...i want it!

Anyways, look out for a halloween guest post tomorrow...tomorrow is my day off anyways...
ok! more of these to come!

Ps, 2000 views!! Thanks to all of our followers and viewers for your support! luv ya!
and hopefully many thousands more to come!

PPS, Sandy is over...no power outages here and back to school tomorrow, but for now, its calming down (thank the lord nothing happened) and for all of you still in the storm, stay safe and good luck! My prayers are with you!


  1. Very nice outfit!!! Love the accessories!!!
    ~Trendy Tips

    1. thanks! it took me a while...but then again i could have gone faster if i wasn't watching HGTV...

  2. i love that blazer from gap, very bright and cheery and very festive for the holidays!!


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