Monday, November 26, 2012

Woe is me!

Why does the week have to begin? I got the Christmas decorations out today and i'm pretty much ready for it to be here...i don't FEEL like waiting...29 (but who's counting?) days!!! woe is me!

Did anyone see the Raven's Game?!!! CRAZY WIN!!! Justin Tucker, if you ever read this, i want you to know that at this moment, you are my hero :)

I didn't take this picture, but it is certainly appropirate
he saved us twice...38 yards both times!!!

so this isn't stylish ir anything, but inspiration and outfits to come
btw, the reason i havent been doing too many outfits is because i lay them out on my bedroom floor, and my bedroom floor is currently littered with various unidentifiable i have to do some cleaning, but pictures soon for sure!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanks A TON!!!!

I know this is late, but i wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving and list what i'm thankful for:

--my home: in this economy, not everyone has one and i am SO thankful to be someone that has such a stable home and a stable family as well

--my family that provides for me and supports me in everything that i do

--friends: ditto!!! love you guys! and to any new blogging buddies ive made as well

--labradoodles: i love them! they are part of my family...i love them more than imaginable for dogs

--the dinner that i ate! i went to my aunt's farm and had an organic and delicious feast including at least 7 different stuffings and an entire leftover turkey. If you've ever seen the movie "plains, trains, and automobiles" (i recommend it...super funny!!), its about 2 men trying to get home for thanksgiving and they almost don't make it. I'm happy i can be home and safe with my family every year

--i know this materialistic, but my clothes! i have way too many and love every one!! Fashion is my Passion!!! and thankfully, i have a family who knows and supportss it!!

--my shared blog is a great outlet for my creativity and having followers and readers is a great feeling. Thank you guys! I started this on a whim, and it has sort of evolved...

--football: Go Ravensss!!! im so happy how well they r doing!!!!

--That my cousin came home from Utah for this holiday weekend!

--My new haircut...A big thank you to my hairdresser!!

Anyways, Sorry for lateness, but what are you thankful for?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Seeing Things

I'm one of those people who when I take a photo, I don't really know what I'm going to get. And here are some prime day I started taking photos of the light shining through trees, and some interesting figures came up! So take out your imagination glasses and see what you can find :)

Comment on what you see! <3

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Handpicked by Yours Truly!!

This week's base is a cream sweater dress from Forever 21 for $27.80

I think that everyone should have a sweater dress, whether it be white, navy, gray, black, or hot pink!
So i chose white which was even better for pairing with things for the holidays, but it was especially great for these awesome tights from H&M that are metallic and go wonderfully with the dress!! So then i found a beutifully bright scarf from target, a bag from J.Crew and heels from Urban outfitters that were the same color. A bright belt from gap and a few hair pom poms from and i'm set!! Here's what it looks like!

 Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Friendship with a Sweater and Skirt.....

So Birdie and I are very different and yet we are close friends. We each have our own personalities and view on so many topics. We even have funny mini debates on some stupid topics and we just have fun with them. And despite our disagreements we still are ready to fall off our chairs from laughter every lunch period. We just do the oddest things and have the best time. Real friends don't care how stupid people around you might think you are....... they just want to join the fun. It's a great feeling to know that no matter how down you are and even if it's Monday, your friends will be there to make you laugh and forget  about the 3 quizzes you have the next day.  Not to sound like the nerd I am-- Laughter is proven to relief stress. If you think this is the corniest thing you have ever read ok I don't care.... you may thinks it's corny and stupid but if you know what I mean, Thank you for not thinking I'm a lonely freak (which I am NOT!!!!!)

Ok enough about me--- Lets get to the CLOTHES!!!!!So I normally don't dress that dressy but I still like to wear a jean skirt every once in a while. So I put together a sweater and jean skirt outfit that I know I would wear. Tell me what you think. Enjoy!!!!

<em>Gap Denim Skirt Dark</em> Blue Wash 
From Gap- Medium Denim only $17.46

AE Fair Isle Open Stitch Sweater
From American Eagle-- AE Fair Isle Open Stitch Sweater $59.95:( Hopefully it will go on sale-It's so cute!!) sorry I have expensive taste!!

Instead of that expensive sweater you could do--
Women's Multi-Patterned Crew Sweaters

This is from Old Navy- Women's Multi- Patterned Crew Sweater $28 (Super cute and goes with a lot of other things too)

And for the tights you have quite a few options so here is what I like-

Merona® Women's Boot Solutions Tights - Assorted Colors
Ribbed Black Tights- Merona Women's Boot Solutions Tights $12 (I wear tights to church all the time so i get a lot of use out of them)

or add some color

Xhilaration® Juniors Fashion Tights - Poinsettia
Xhilaration Juniors Fashion Tights- Poinsettia or

Xhilaration® Juniors Fashion Tights - Poinsettia
Potent Purple

I adore this tights because they are so fun and bright and make the colors in the sweater POP!!!

And for some shoes you can do-
Women's Mossimo® Ona Patent Ballet Flat - Black
Plain Black Flats- you can get these almost anywhere but these are fromTarget-- I know the back looks funny but its just stretches to get your foot in...

or you can do some fabulous boots--

Riding Boots
Rampage Shoes, Idaho Riding Boots
From Macy's- Rampage Shoes, Idaho Riding Boots $55.20

Combat Boots

Also from Macy's- Roxy Shoes, Oregon Booties $79

And if you want you can add a casual hat-

Mossimo Supply Co. Lurex Beret - Black

From Target- Mossimo Supply Co. Lurex Beret Black $12.99

Hope you like this look!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Wow another picture post! o yea...and stripes and polka dots...

Well if you scroll down a post, you'll see that my last post was also a photo post...
and we have yet another :)
Well here i am in the woods again, in my vans and wine colored peacoat, just casually strolling along a log pretty far above the's actually a lot farther up than it looks.
So i thought that this perspective was really interesting because i love being up on these fallen logs and just sitting there, taking in the sounds, sights, and smells of the forest. This is me standing, but o well. And below is my puppy, bear, off leash, photo bombing, as always...o dear, he's quite the naughty puppy!

So most people are preparing for Christmas. On November 20th...ok.
Although i admit that i have my Christmas list for family and friends done and all nice and neat on a word document, i am nowhere near ready to put up the tree/ string the lights/ go caroling, ect...
what happened to "the most wonderful time of the year" starting on December 1st?! I admit, it is my favorite holiday, but this is ridiculous!!

so i have to give you some sort of outfit for tradition's sake:

 So this outfit is NOT the one i wore today, but ill probably end up wearing it soon anyways. My friend over at sarah kate style and i did a wiki called "stripes and polka dots" to practice blogging before we got one, but we have since deleted it :(
anyways, i pair stripes and dots together sort of remembering that as an inspiration. So my gap tee and american eagle sweater happened to be next to each other in the closet and i knew it was an omen. Easily paired with jeans and oxfords, this outfit is casual, yet still just preppy and polished enough to be good for a school day.
Or, still be stylish enough, despite that i'm on of those hikes ended badly...and now ive been hobbling and style of course!!

Happy monday!!

 ps, stay tuned for some exciting posts including cool ideas for a holiday party!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Yet another photo of my forest! interesting i call it MY forest...haha
Anyways, it's hard to capture the beauty of the life in the forest. This little brook we walk along, was especially fast because this was taken right after sandy...But the motion of this mini waterfall was pretty much captured in this photo which is one of the reasons i like it...the other weird thing is whenever i tried to capture the beauty, dead leaves and stuff like that got in the way!!! I mean i think it kind of shows the imperfections even in beauty and life is a cycle which is shown here as well. The still living leaves, the dying leaves and the dead the almost living flow of! i wasn't meaning for the post to get deep but i just went there!!!

So speaking of deep-ness, i wanted to do a post that ive needed to do for a bit...
So you know when you're looking through the forever 21 sight and you see some shorts or a skirt or whatever and you say "wow i love that!!! It looks great on the model!!!" and then you try it on and it looks nothing like the model and just doesn't fit or doesn't look right on you. Well everyone isn't a model and it's actually probably good and healthy that you aren't!!! I certainly am not and it's fine by me! I think finding stuff that fits you right is more important than finding what's in or popular...if a trend doesn't work on you, then forget it! I have wider feet that don't look right in pajama loafers and so i don't wear pajama loafers even though i adore them! And doing this adaption to your size and your style will help develop your style and improve it. I honestly think that you should find what you know you look best in and wear that rather than what a magazine tells you what you should be wearing to be in style. Your personal style is more important than everyone thinks is in style.


Hey another big achievement: This is our 100th published post!!! I am so thrilled! this is pretty cool...we've been posting since July (5 months!) and so we  have been working hard to bring you our best posts!!
so anyways, i know i said i Wednesday is my off day...but is it ever my off day? My my...o well
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Trend Spotting: Shorts with Tights

I know, usually a fashion don't but if you do it right, shorts and tights can be a sensation!
Alexa Chung

Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl

A Little summery, but still cute and preppy
Sandy a la this!

So i've been seeing a lot of these as you can see so i decided to find some cool examples to show you how to do it RIGHT!
H&M tights for $4.95

H&M $29.95
Gap $39.95

Forever 21 $18.90
My favorite: Forever 21 $18.90

So as you can see, some more neutral shorts with some sort or a lot of texture, and pair it with neutral tights and your summer shorts can be worn through fall or even winter!!

I also have an outfit planned involving this lovely trend which is sort of fueled by this interesting trend. Pictures of those results on thursday ;)
Anyways, sorry for no posts recently! i didn't get a single second on the computer yesterday!!!

Almost halfway through the week!