Monday, November 19, 2012

Wow another picture post! o yea...and stripes and polka dots...

Well if you scroll down a post, you'll see that my last post was also a photo post...
and we have yet another :)
Well here i am in the woods again, in my vans and wine colored peacoat, just casually strolling along a log pretty far above the's actually a lot farther up than it looks.
So i thought that this perspective was really interesting because i love being up on these fallen logs and just sitting there, taking in the sounds, sights, and smells of the forest. This is me standing, but o well. And below is my puppy, bear, off leash, photo bombing, as always...o dear, he's quite the naughty puppy!

So most people are preparing for Christmas. On November 20th...ok.
Although i admit that i have my Christmas list for family and friends done and all nice and neat on a word document, i am nowhere near ready to put up the tree/ string the lights/ go caroling, ect...
what happened to "the most wonderful time of the year" starting on December 1st?! I admit, it is my favorite holiday, but this is ridiculous!!

so i have to give you some sort of outfit for tradition's sake:

 So this outfit is NOT the one i wore today, but ill probably end up wearing it soon anyways. My friend over at sarah kate style and i did a wiki called "stripes and polka dots" to practice blogging before we got one, but we have since deleted it :(
anyways, i pair stripes and dots together sort of remembering that as an inspiration. So my gap tee and american eagle sweater happened to be next to each other in the closet and i knew it was an omen. Easily paired with jeans and oxfords, this outfit is casual, yet still just preppy and polished enough to be good for a school day.
Or, still be stylish enough, despite that i'm on of those hikes ended badly...and now ive been hobbling and style of course!!

Happy monday!!

 ps, stay tuned for some exciting posts including cool ideas for a holiday party!!

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