Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Yet another photo of my forest! interesting i call it MY forest...haha
Anyways, it's hard to capture the beauty of the life in the forest. This little brook we walk along, was especially fast because this was taken right after sandy...But the motion of this mini waterfall was pretty much captured in this photo which is one of the reasons i like it...the other weird thing is whenever i tried to capture the beauty, dead leaves and stuff like that got in the way!!! I mean i think it kind of shows the imperfections even in beauty and life is a cycle which is shown here as well. The still living leaves, the dying leaves and the dead the almost living flow of! i wasn't meaning for the post to get deep but i just went there!!!

So speaking of deep-ness, i wanted to do a post that ive needed to do for a bit...
So you know when you're looking through the forever 21 sight and you see some shorts or a skirt or whatever and you say "wow i love that!!! It looks great on the model!!!" and then you try it on and it looks nothing like the model and just doesn't fit or doesn't look right on you. Well everyone isn't a model and it's actually probably good and healthy that you aren't!!! I certainly am not and it's fine by me! I think finding stuff that fits you right is more important than finding what's in or popular...if a trend doesn't work on you, then forget it! I have wider feet that don't look right in pajama loafers and so i don't wear pajama loafers even though i adore them! And doing this adaption to your size and your style will help develop your style and improve it. I honestly think that you should find what you know you look best in and wear that rather than what a magazine tells you what you should be wearing to be in style. Your personal style is more important than everyone thinks is in style.


Hey another big achievement: This is our 100th published post!!! I am so thrilled! this is pretty cool...we've been posting since July (5 months!) and so we  have been working hard to bring you our best posts!!
so anyways, i know i said i Wednesday is my off day...but is it ever my off day? My my...o well
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love the picture!!!! And you're so right on all of your "deep" thoughts :)

  2. I love this photo. And I totally agree with you, it's important to be yourself, not what you think everyone wants you to be! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. beautiful picture. Reminds me of a virgin forest I once went to. I too clicked a similar pic.
    Do have a look at my blog too sometime doll!! :)


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