Friday, May 30, 2014

Bits and Pieces

Sleepy Pooch

fresh flowers for my window sill

Worked on my photo collage... almost done!

The cleanest my room has been in a while ft. a blue hoodie, a messily made bed, and a wrinkly carpet

warm enough to go barefoot!

A brand new hanging plant to adorn the front porch 

The little bits and pieces of my life lately.
It's the weekend: Oh Happy Day!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DIY State Painting

           Hello everybody! I'm sorry it's been a while but high school is busy, stressful, and crazy! So much has happened in these past few weeks: I took my first AP exam (done AP World History YAY!), have been selected as flute/ clarinet section leader (Hannah is also trombone section leader and Marin is administration!! Yay marching band!), and elected corresponding secretary for my church's youth group. I'm really excited for next year because I'm involved in all the things I care about. But next year, there will be a lot of changes. The first being my brother going to college :( I'm oh so very proud of him and I hope he has a great time and learns a lot (same to you Mady!). Because he is going out of state, I wanted to give him something he could always look at and remember home, so why not an outline of good old Maryland itself? This personal and easy DIY makes a great gift because it's personal and functional as a little piece of art for any space, including those tiny dorm rooms.

DIY State Painting

{Le final product}

1. What you'll need:
-newspaper (If you're anything like me, you'll make a mess)
-a pencil (not pictured)
 -white and blue acrylic paint (you can choose any colors you desire)
- printout of an outline of Maryland (or any state you pick)
- large and small paint brushes (I have a larger one, medium, and a tiny one)
-a plain piece of paper (extra)
-  15 x 11 1/2 canvas (you can choose any size)


2. Taping
-grab some tape and place the state outline where you would like it in the picture
-if your outline is faint just go over it with some Sharpie then tape it to the back of the canvas

3. Tracing
-take your pencil and go in some sunlight (or a lightbox) and tracing over the state outline
-try and get all of the little indents of the land (of course Maryland is super complex in geography)


4. Painting the negative space
-take your main color and your big brush and paint a couple coats on, carefully around the state borders 
- I ended up mixing some of the blue with white so that I had various shades of blue. I was inspired by the ocean for this:) But I left the borders dark to emphasize the white Maryland (you'll see the paint lighten by the final product) 
- you may want to us the tiny brush for the borders if you aren't a very skilled painter, like me


5. Painting Maryland 
-this was clearly the hardest part. keep a steady hand and get the borders first 
- all of the the little nooks and crannies of Maryland kind of blended together but it still looks like Maryland
- add a few coats if needed
-have clear- cut looking borders so the state looks crisp

*the blue paint hadn't full dried so that's why it looks all blotchy

6. Adding the heart
-I suggest outlining a little heart from where you are from (if it's for yourself) or where the other person is from, in pencil  
- if you are a skilled painter, unlike myself, use red acrylic paint to color in a vivid heart, or if you're like me, just improvise and use a red Sharpie 
-now look at the heart and state; admire your handy work and it's cuteness 

{Baltimore, Maryland}

                 This project was better than just buying another little gadget for a graduation present and a lot more personal. I have a little message written on the back for him with few word of encouragement as well.
I hope you guys try this project just for fun or as a gift for someone you care about :) Good luck to Mady and all (if any) the seniors who will be going to college!!!!!


Thursday, May 22, 2014

After the Rain

Our family recently acquired a new camera and a tripod and I realized how lovely the light was today in our yard (post-thunderstorm) and then it hit me: BAM
Outfit post opportunity!

Out of all the areas in the yard, the dogs seemed to only be interested in the part where I just happened to be taking pictures


{Tee: Crewcuts, Jeans&Necklace: American Eagle, Flats:H&M}
 Yay for the weekend and yay for 14 days of school!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Inspire Me

Is it just me or is outfit inspiraiton running low?
My room is currently buried by a layer of clothing that was tried on and then discarded when the outfit was deemed not worthy. In order to try to figure out what in the name of God I'm to wear because I have nothing to wear (not true), I flocked to the universal style inspiration center also known as Pinterest.

Pink flats.
easy and chic: gray tee+cuffed jeans+colored flats+sparkly necklace

a pretty way to wear a scarf.
finally a use for my oblong silk scarves!!

Monogrammed oxford shirt.

J crew

J crew

Women's Clothing - New Discount Sweaters, Dresses, Shoes, Women's...
Jcrew does it again with their simple outfits that still look polished

J.Crew a Venezia
Another use for scarves!!

stripes + red heels + skinny jeans
Another idea for striped shirt+colored flats+black pants
{via, via, via, via, via, via, via, via}

Today I tried out a silk scarf in my hair combined with a cardigan and black slacks to mimic the first jcrew look. It was simple and comfortable while being different. And as a bonus, my mom told me that I looked like Mary Tyler Moore before I sped out the door and one of my low brass/winds friends told me that I looked like a 60's teenager. Both totally made my day #fiftiesobsession 
Obviously some inspiration was much needed!!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Weekend Fives

Painted polka dot balloons
Beginning the wishlist for my sweet 16

As seen on instagram, I've become obsessed with sending letters. Namely, thank-you's. 

What I'm looking forward to this summer #yellowstone2k14

1950 s diner fashion tumblr | fashion vintage 1950s 50s 1950s fashion theniftyfifties •
Basically the epitome of how I want to live my life and dress and be and it's just so perfect!!! I was totally born in the wrong era...

On the search for summer shorts...and clothes in general


Can you believe it's Friday? Hip Hip Hooray! 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Blue Skies From Here On Out...

Have fun!
Holy Wow.
So in the past week, I've watched 42 episodes of crash course (John Green, here's to you!), taken an AP world history exam, and found out that I'll be one of 2 low brass/winds section leaders for the 2014-15 marching band at my school (Biggest deal of my entire life so far). While this may seem like not too much, for a high schooler of my caliber of boring-ness, it's like the world is ending. I've gotten behind on exercise, eating right, sleep, and my room is an indescribable state of mess right now, but I'm DONE and that's all that matters. Honestly, I don't even care about all of that stuff that I'm behind on, all I care about is that I'm more or less done for the year...
with, you know, the exception of finals and wind ensemble tryouts...
What matters is that I have less than 30 days (including memorial day and weekends) until I'm done school and can sit back, take a deep breath, start reading real books again, and work on the load of AP work I'm sure I'll have to prepare for my junior year. And because of this, I'm basically stuck in the position of the girl in that picture in order to express my elation. T-minus 28 days (and no more AP world!!!): We can do it sophomores (gahhh almost 1/2 way through high school...)


Ps, shoutout to Mady who's graduating really soon. Congratulations and good luck in college!!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Making the Grade

A student lounges while studying in her dorm room, 1950s.
My Ap review book is slightly larger than her notebook, but you get the idea.
It's that time of year, ladies and gents! The stress is practically tangible and there is not a free moment to spare. Over the next week or two, all trois of the petites filles will be taking AP exams and auditioning for marching band leadership in addition to our normally scheduled lives. As you can imagine, we are facing a lot of pressure and are just attempting to get through the next week or so without collapsing. For now, TPF will be on a bit of a hiatus but as soon as the worst is over (after the exam, finals seem like a walk in the park), we will be back to blogging and brainstorming new ideas. Thanks for understanding!!
or as you know us, trois petites filles

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekend Fives

Saw this on Carly's blog: as a school project, a teenage girl dressed up to show what she'd look like in each decade. I've dressed up like this for multiple halloween costumes and am totally thinking about doing something like this just for fun!!

I can't decide which pair I love more for summer

Audrey Hepburn's 85th Birthday
Happy Birthday, Audrey
Attempting to find the perfect piece to start my lilly collection

Saw this bad boy in all of its 70's glory for the first time. While I loved it, I can't help but question many of the idiotic decisions of the crew (that could have been avoided if common sense was employed) resulting in almost everyone's death (when you see an alien life form hatching from an egg, you don't prod it or look down into the egg, you run). Also, If you're in need of a good laugh and have seen this movie, watch spaceballs. There's a hilarious scene in a diner with the whole alien-coming-out-of-the-chest thing that never fails to make me laugh. 


Have a fabulous two days off