Thursday, May 15, 2014

Blue Skies From Here On Out...

Have fun!
Holy Wow.
So in the past week, I've watched 42 episodes of crash course (John Green, here's to you!), taken an AP world history exam, and found out that I'll be one of 2 low brass/winds section leaders for the 2014-15 marching band at my school (Biggest deal of my entire life so far). While this may seem like not too much, for a high schooler of my caliber of boring-ness, it's like the world is ending. I've gotten behind on exercise, eating right, sleep, and my room is an indescribable state of mess right now, but I'm DONE and that's all that matters. Honestly, I don't even care about all of that stuff that I'm behind on, all I care about is that I'm more or less done for the year...
with, you know, the exception of finals and wind ensemble tryouts...
What matters is that I have less than 30 days (including memorial day and weekends) until I'm done school and can sit back, take a deep breath, start reading real books again, and work on the load of AP work I'm sure I'll have to prepare for my junior year. And because of this, I'm basically stuck in the position of the girl in that picture in order to express my elation. T-minus 28 days (and no more AP world!!!): We can do it sophomores (gahhh almost 1/2 way through high school...)


Ps, shoutout to Mady who's graduating really soon. Congratulations and good luck in college!!!

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