Meet The Team

Hannah & Anastasia are the friends behind F&O. Between their AP homework and marching band practices, they love shopping (on or offline) and putting together outfits to display on the competitive fashion catwalk also known as high school. While both girls are equally quirky, they each live very different lives. That's the whole purpose for having both Freckles AND Olives! Meet each of the bloggers below. 

Hannah is a soon-to-be college freshman at the University of South Carolina (Go Cocks) with an affinity for mom jeans, bowling alley carpet prints, and her 2009 iPod nano which is home to her eclectic mix of 80s pop and classical music. In her free time, she can be found creating buttons and patches and re-watching episodes of The Office (usually at the same time). She loves buffalo (yes, the animal), popcorn, and the color pink. 

Anastasia will be a freshman at the University of Maryland (Go Terps!) this coming fall. She loves alternative music, Mediterranean cuisine, and mini-adventures to art museums. Besides read current events and classic novels, Anastasia enjoys quirky films, TED Talks, thrift shopping, The Beach Boys, and crafting. This blog is a small glimpse into the life of a semi-homebody girl who wants to learn more about herself and the world.  


  1. This is a really original idea, it's super inspiring to find such originality in cyber-world filled with copycats. So thank you for inspiring me.

    p.s. you spelled "Pulitzer" wrong. One "L" and a capital "P". Like the Pulitzer Prize. :D

    1. Thank you for saying that! it means a lot!
      Oops! I never was great with spelling...haha

  2. What a fun concept for a blog! I love when BFF's pair up to do anything!

    Im excited to be following along!

  3. What an amazing concept for a blog! So glad to be a follower!



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