Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Handpicked by Yours Truly!!

This week's base is a cream sweater dress from Forever 21 for $27.80

I think that everyone should have a sweater dress, whether it be white, navy, gray, black, or hot pink!
So i chose white which was even better for pairing with things for the holidays, but it was especially great for these awesome tights from H&M that are metallic and go wonderfully with the dress!! So then i found a beutifully bright scarf from target, a bag from J.Crew and heels from Urban outfitters that were the same color. A bright belt from gap and a few hair pom poms from and i'm set!! Here's what it looks like!

 Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I LOVE the dress and leggings!!! I would definitely wear those two for the holidays!! :D

  2. Whoa! That's a fantastic combo... That sweater with those metallic blue leggings is a great idea!!! Love it!!!
    Loving those suede pumps and the purple belt too!
    Thanks for visiting me dear. Do follow too if you like! :)


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