Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanks A TON!!!!

I know this is late, but i wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving and list what i'm thankful for:

--my home: in this economy, not everyone has one and i am SO thankful to be someone that has such a stable home and a stable family as well

--my family that provides for me and supports me in everything that i do

--friends: ditto!!! love you guys! and to any new blogging buddies ive made as well

--labradoodles: i love them! they are part of my family...i love them more than imaginable for dogs

--the dinner that i ate! i went to my aunt's farm and had an organic and delicious feast including at least 7 different stuffings and an entire leftover turkey. If you've ever seen the movie "plains, trains, and automobiles" (i recommend it...super funny!!), its about 2 men trying to get home for thanksgiving and they almost don't make it. I'm happy i can be home and safe with my family every year

--i know this materialistic, but my clothes! i have way too many and love every one!! Fashion is my Passion!!! and thankfully, i have a family who knows and supportss it!!

--my shared blog is a great outlet for my creativity and having followers and readers is a great feeling. Thank you guys! I started this on a whim, and it has sort of evolved...

--football: Go Ravensss!!! im so happy how well they r doing!!!!

--That my cousin came home from Utah for this holiday weekend!

--My new haircut...A big thank you to my hairdresser!!

Anyways, Sorry for lateness, but what are you thankful for?

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