Monday, October 8, 2012

Versatile Blogger

well now, i actually never thought that i might actually be nominated for one of these, even though i read more blogs than i probably should and have seen it around on various blogs and wondered "what if i got that award?"
So there you go! This means that my close friend over at polished thinks that my blogging is versatile! Well thank you Trendy Tips! It is an honor :)
Now if one is to recieve and accept said virtual award, then there are a few things one must do:
  1. nominate 15+ bloggers and tell them they've been nominated
  2. share 7 facts about yourself
  3. thank the person that nominated you
  4. send a link back to the nominator's blog
  5. put the picture on your post
I've done 3/5 so far so let's do the rest!!!

Now i feel bad just nominating willy-nilly so instead of  nominating all 15, im going to nominate 7 and explain why
I know...I am SUCH a rule breaker...
  1. Sarah Kate Style: Another one of my close friends, she is super stylish and looks for a deal. She has AMAZING writing skills and does interesting posts like "currently obsessed with" or "trendspotting"...very awesome blog!!!
  2. Phiphi's blog: A blogger who loves J.Crew and practically LIVES on versatile style! She's a great blogger who does frequent give-aways and fabulous fashionable outfits...check out her blog!!!
  3. Always Maylee: I love hher style. Although she's a shopaholic, she buys useful pieces and makes gorgeous outfits. She is right on trend and also does some great give-aways.
  4. Feathers and Freckles: A natural-born thrifter! Thrift stores are the ultimate versatile stores and she just did a post today on how she's been thrifting for so long...even before it was popular. Plus, she's always doing great DIYs that I NEVER thought were possible...check out her blog!
  5. Delightfully Tacky:  I love her segment that she calls the remix archives. It shows that pver time, shes used that piece a lot...i love that she tracks how many different ways that she can use pieces.
  6. Sandy a la Mode: Another shopaholic with a good sense of versatility. She buys awesome pieces and puts them together really well! Really cool blog!
  7. Sarah's Real Life: Just like the title's her REAL LIFE! That means she can wear clothes that you could wear anywhere and still be in style...i love that it's a real person tyoe style that works for everything!
Well i advise you to visit the blog of each and every one of these ladies because these are my favorites by far.

So now, you get to learn 7 amazing facts about your truly!
  1. I have 2 adorable labradoodles that have been in almost every one of my collages...i'm planning on showing them on here more
  2. My favorite color is pink...i'm a girly girl
  3. I' m in marching band (yea...i'm kind of a geek...haha)
  4. I know some french, like 3 words in spanish, am learning latin, am fluent in english and text message language
  5. I plan my outfits a week in advance
  6. I've never left the Country (but i'm dying to!!!)
  7. I'm heading to NOLA in January!!!
Well I hope you enjoyed that tidbit of mine...and remember to blog versatile-ly :)


  1. Thanks for the nomination and shout out! I am flattered that you enjoy my blog :)

  2. Thank you so much for thinking of me and the sweet words, I am so flattered! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. you are so both deserve it!

  4. thank you SO much!! i'm so happy you like my blog and visit it!! xox


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