Friday, October 12, 2012

OMV! (Oh My Vase)

Sky here! I love vintage shops, and right down the road is a vintage flower shop with the best vases ever.
So here is my tribute to the power of the vase.

All vases from Blue Sage

Blue and Yellow go perfect together, ask Birdy she'll tell you. And I love the difference in not only the color, but the shape.

I love how the purple stands out across the yellow wall (for all you art people, think opposite colors on the color wheel). the light magenta also contrasts nicely with both the yellow and the purple.

These are my two favorite vases because they have the coolest texture and look awesome with flowers in them.

 This vase definitely reminds me of test tubes in a lab and is perfect for the chic geek and for a desk at home or work.

And where would we be without some purple pride? GO RAVENS!

A cool way to display vases is to line them up. Its a great statement piece in any room.

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