Monday, January 20, 2014

Goals for 2014 and Beyond

I don't know if any of you have ever seen Mackenzie's Blog, but she just completed a challenge she calls 101 in 1001. It's where you make a list 101 goals to be completed in 1001 days (roughly 2.75 years). A New Year's resolution list of sorts. I love making lists so i thought i'd try it. If i start today, this list will hopefully be completed in November of 2016, aka my senior year of high school (absolutely crazy for me to conceptualize). My goals will probably change a bit and will constantly be edited, but for now, these are 101 goals for a sophomore in high school

Start: December 1st, 2013
End: September 5th, 2016

  1. Come up with 101 goals (isn't this everyone's first goal?)
  2. Customize twirl to my style/my co-bloggers' styles
  3. finish the Lord of the Rings series I'm almost through the second book
  4. get my own computer
  5. refine my style 
  6. refine my wardrobe
  7. complete kendi's 30x30 challenge
  8. complete matchbook's novel list
  9. complete matchbook's movie list
  10. upgrade my camera
  11. get at least a 4 on the AP world exam
  12. get all A's for at least 2 quarters
  13. become a section leader in marching band
  14. get into wind ensemble (the most challenging band my school offers)
  15. get into varsity jazz band Got in on 12/20/13, 3rd chair!
  16. become more involved with my church
  17. re-arrange my room (again)
  18. buy clothing for quality, not quantity
  19. organize my computer files
  20. learn how to ski and snowboard
  21. learn how to french braid
  22. learn how to properly use chopsticks
  23. leave the country 
  24. visit a new state
  25. subscribe to a magazine
  26. send 25 letters 
  27. workout 3x a week for 4 months
  28. win one of those blog giveaways
  29. count blessings every night before bed
  30. see a hockey game
  31. be more serious about a skincare regimen  (aka invest in skincare products)
  32. cook a full dinner for my family once a month
  33. keep my bedroom spotless for at least 2 weeks (hah good luck with this one, Hannah)
  34. publish another issue of twirl (online magazine)
  35. go camping twice
  36. See NYC at christmas time 12/23/13
  37. grow my hair halfway down my back
  38. throw a surprise party
  39. learn calligraphy
  40. have my hair and makeup professionally done
  41. See a Broadway production
  42. Visit Barney's, Bergdorf's 12/23/13, and Bloomingdale's 
  43. visit a spa
  44. learn how to drive stick shift
  45. come up with my own post series for twirl
  46. hold monthly meetings about the blog
  47. find out my blood type
  48. find my signature scent 
  49. Figure out if i prefer silver or gold
  50. eat breakfast at Tiffany's 12/23/13
  51. Catch a baseball at an oriole's game
  52. get on the screen at a sport's game
  53. plan outfits in advance for a month
  54. Turn my old toy room into a craft room
  55. get at least a 1900 on the SAT
  56. do one good deed daily
  57. have a word of the day everyday for a month 
  58. go to a Raven's game
  59. redo my bathroom
  60. see the ending of mean girls
  61. reconnect and meet up with my English teacher
  62. listen to one new piece of classical music every month
  63. ride a new rollercoaster (eek!)
  64. try at least 10 new foods (or as many as possible) fried banana, ...
  65. Go to one of my friends' dance recitals
  66. develop a hair care routine
  67. go to Disney world again
  68. go to Hawaii again
  69. Sit through 3 hobbit movies consecutively 
  70. learn how to tie a bow-tie
  71. stay 1 day ahead on my homework assignments for a month
  72. In accordance with #57, buy a dictionary
  73. See every James Bond movie 
  74. Pay attention in my classes and take more notes
  75. Buy a hairdryer  Got it for Christmas!! 12/25/13
  76. be inducted into NHS (national honors society)
  77. participate in a school play/musical
  78. participate in my school's magazine/newspaper
  79. publish a book/story 
  80. get a job (that i enjoy?)
  81. try to make at least one craft a month
  82. get a private music teacher
  83. learn how to play another brass instrument (ie trumpet, baritone, tuba) Working on baritone...i can currently play the B flat concert scale up and down 
  84. run a mile without stopping
  85. make blogging friends Mady, Yi-Chia, Megan, need i list more? 
  86. meet a blogging friend (when i make one..)  Mady...goes to my school
  87. get 10000 views on the blog  
  88. get 50 followers on the blog  
  89. get 100 followers on instagram 
  90. watch, and fully enjoy, a sunrise and sunset
  91. upgrade my phone to an android 
  92. weed through my closet monthly
  93. Complete healthcare for the homeless project with Anastasia
  94. Celebrate my 16th birthday
  95. Finish watching my favorite shows
  96. Find a finger on which to wear my favorite ring (my class ring is going on my right ring finger)
  97. Drink 5 glasses of water a day for a month
  98. get a manicure
  99. see my first concert
  100. go on a picnic
  101. explore Baltimore


  1. What a great list, good luck with it! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    1. Thanks! Hopefully i'll get it all done ;)

  2. I just started my list Saturday. I ended up using your and some other lists to come up with mine. I love your list, they are great goals to keep in mind when planning things and working towards stuff! When I finish my list I will be 21 which is hard for me to conceptualize, I think that is what great about the 1001. It really makes you consider what you want to accomplish in the next several years. It's not new year resolutions or monthly goals it's a long period of time. I would love to see all three of you guys do one of these!
    ~Madylin @

    1. Thanks! I actually used a lot of Mackenzie's old and new goals as well as my own. It's been really fun to think about the future and generally improving my life and lifestyle with these goals. It's crazy that you'll be'll almost be through college! And actually, Marin has started her list a little bit, but not completed.


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