Monday, June 23, 2014


I've been told before that I have quite the scarf collection but, honestly, I don't wear half of them because I don't know how to style them. Those oblong silk scarves hang on my scarf rack so sadly just begging to be worn but I never knew to how until now. 


Does Blair Eadie know how to rock a fifties skirt/scarf combo or what?

{via, via, viavia, viavia}

I didn't realize that it was socially acceptable to wear scarves around one's neck like Blair wears hers. Maybe it's just her ability to pull off anything and everything but she makes a look previously deemed outdated seem new, classy, and totally chic. I'll certainly be trying to style a scarf like her in the near future. I also love the creativity of adding one of these scarves to a shoulder strap on a handbag or tied in one's hair. 
What do you think? Is the silk scarf-knotted-around-the-neck style socially acceptable or a total faux pas?

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