Sunday, August 26, 2012

the Blue's

 (Shirt: Eddie Bauer, Skirt: American Eagle, Belt: Talbot's, Scarf: Gap, Flip Flops: Hollister)

Have you ever felt so excited on your first day, and then every day after that is totally boring and you want to take a day off asap? That's usually how i am. Especially because it's a tuesday. tuesday is a complicated day. it's not the first day in the week, but it's still too early in the week to be enjoyable. so today, i kept it casual with a tee, denim skirt, and flip flops. then a belt and scarf to add SOME embellishment. I also went with a lot of bluer tones. Purples, denim, blue, and indigo all at once! A blue outfit for a blue and dreary day!
happy tuesday!

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