Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bell Sleeves

During my shocking lack of attention during APUSH the other day, I happened to look up directly at a painting of a group of both colonial men and women looking dramatic in a meeting room. The women had these lavish dresses that were form fitting on top then had a flare of lace at the elbow creating a bell sleeve of sorts. 

As a reference point...

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 From there I began my quest for the perfect modern day version, maaging to mostly find tops and dresses that I deemed to be too bohemian for my taste. The boho/ flower-child nature of these comes from the style's popular root in the seventies:

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I personally prefer the more classic style of the sleeve where it flares from the elbow rather than constantly becoming more flared like the more bohemian style does. Which do you refer?

A Pattern for those who would prefer to save a few bucks and make it theselves. I'm feeling adventurous enough to try it...

Shop some of my favorites:

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