Friday, January 9, 2015


Gstaad by Slim Aarons. Ski
It's cold. Like...REALLY cold.
I guess that's to be expected, being January and all. Fun fact: did you know that the name for the month January comes from the latin "ianua" for "door" making January (ianuarii in latin) translates into "the door of the year".
Speaking of which, Happy New Year to you all! While I'm sad to see 2014 go, I cannot wait to see the amazing things that 2015 will bring. 
Which brings me to this lovely little website. 

I Make My Living Off a Blog No One's Heard Of #theeverygirl

I've neglected it. Really super neglected it. 
I don't mean to do this but it takes everything in me to handle life sans-blog. Junior year has been an adjustment for me in a lot of ways and my ways of handling said change were not so great. I plan to get back into blogging more regularly, maybe even instagramming once in a while! My style has matured this year, as have I, so it is my plan to begin doing outfit posts whenever I remember. Whoever still reads, stick around! 

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