Tuesday, January 13, 2015

7 Shopping Tips

My style has been one heck of an evolution. I've made some very very bad purchases and some very very good purchases. The bad ones usually take about a year of just taking up room in my closet for me to realize that they were a mistake. After my size fluctuated throughout middle school (thanks, puberty), I ended up with about 3 different sizes in my closet. Now that my body has settled into a more stagnant size, I've begun to really weed out my closet, define my style more, and realize what fits and what doesn't.
That being said, the way I shop has changed a lot as well. I can tell what fits and doesn't fit. I know what I like and what looks good on me. I've learned my lessons the hard way but am glad to be able to share my nuggets of knowledge with you.


Make a beeline for the sale section
        Whether there's a store-wide sale, a sale section, a clearance section, or an entire outlet, never pass it up.                          Minimizing money spent on a garment is step one on the path to smart shopping. You'd be surprised what you                can find...digging through the mountains of clothes absolutely pays off.

Don't just buy to buy; be critical of your purchases
        Know your style, know what you really want. Don't spend your money just because your friends all have bought          something and you haven't. Don't feel pressured into a buy. Take a step back, think about it and never feel                       pressured into anything. It's YOUR money and ultimately YOU are the one that will be wearing it

Make sure the garment fits you the way you want it to
        TRY.IT.ON. Seriously. The way it looks on the internet or the mannequin isn't how it's going to look in you.                 Maybe it bags around your knees. Maybe the color makes you look like death warmed over. Perhaps it's tight in             all the wrong places. Whether you're thin like Anastasia or curvy like I am, make sure it looks the way you want           it to: it can make or break a purchase.

Be sure that you'll wear it (more than once)
        Ask yourself: will you wear this? Does it go with anything else in your wardrobe? I like to attempt to make at                  least three mental outfits in my head with the item before I settle on buying it because even if you think it's                    adorable and it fits you, if you don't wear it, you wasted your money.

Make a (flexible) plan 
        Malls can be overwhelming. Try to figure out generally which stores you want get to. If you pass by something              you love in a window display, pop in and look around...it can't hurt! If you're someone who doesn't go shopping             very often (like me), shopping is a day-long event which, in order to get what you want to done, needs to be

Be mindful of your wallet
        If you can't afford it, then it isn't worth it. In the end, rent and food and the electrical bills should overcome your            desire for a pair of Manolo Blahniks, but if you HAVE to have it, just be patient. Everything goes on sale at                     some point, it just requires patience.

If it's destiny, it's destiny
        You know the feeling: when that dress or that blouse or that skirt you see from across the store is limited in                   quantity so you run over and...YES! YOUR SIZE! Isn't this a sign from the style Gods? And hey, if they don't                have it, either it wasn't meant to be or you can try to find it online.

Happy Shopping!

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