Monday, October 20, 2014

The Cure-All

I must first sincerely apologize for my radio silence. I know I should probably give a heads up or something but I've been a bit overwhelmed between school work, my attempt at a social life, marching band, latin club, learning to drive, maybe blogging, trying to help get a newspaper published, and occasionally getting dressed presentably. I've violated my "no-leggings-as-pants" rule more times than I can remember and I haven't bought anything new since I purchased my homecoming dress. The truth is I'm falling out of my habit of looking presentable because I can't handle it. I'm drowning in junior year. All I have to do is make it to June, so until then expect sparse posting. I still will post to instagram-I seem to be more able to take pictures for that-so if you want to follow along, that's where I suggest you go. 
Sorry for the depressing overload there but it has to be said. I want to be honest with whoever is loyal enough to still be reading now and again. 
Back to the blog.
Way back in September (where did that entire month go?!), Anastasia and I took posed for some pictures before marching band and, obviously, we got only 3 or 4 decent ones. The rest, of course, were total derps. If you're looking for a laugh, here you go:

Kudos to Anastasia for being the most attractive human being I'm aware of 

Ummm...Apparently I didn't know the picture was being taken

My brother was coming at me with an unknown sharp object...

...I guess we weren't paying attention?

The assistant drum major, Lisa, happened to come out while we taking pictures and then this happened 

Episode II: The return of Lisa

 ...because laughter is the best medicine
See the non-goofy pictures here
Until next time, readers!

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