Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Inspired by: Classic Prep

Around this time last year, I realized that my style fell into the preppy category. Before that, I had flitted between trends and was kind of style-confused. As fall is upon us, so is the season of tweed blazers, riding boots, tights, and plaid of all sorts and with that comes my obsession with classic prep.

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Who could resist the crisp, clean yet lived in clothes made of only the finest material? The rich colors, the luxurious colors, the utter proper-ness of it all! How could I not be obsessed? With all the over-the-top preppiness I've been seeing (think huge vineyard vines logos, more monograms than necessary, and shopping exclusively from stores like Lily Pulitzer), these little bits and pieces of inspiration for fall style are just what I needed.

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Happy Fall!

PS, Still not enough prep? Check out these tumblrs: Azimuth Circle, Prepfection, Summer Wind

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