Saturday, September 20, 2014


How amazing is this album cover?

I guess I'm a little late on this one but I have recently named myself a Swiftie. Taylor's new album 1989 is coming out on October 27, 2014 and both Hannah and I are very excited. 

I had drifted away from Taylor when Red came out because I really wasn't into the bubble- gum pop aspect of it. But now, after 2 years, Taylor has changed her hair (which I love, by the way), sound, and inspiration, ready to release a unique new album to the world. 

During a worldwide live stream to share the new album news, Taylor explained how she walks just waiting to be inspired by New York. She will even be sharing voice memos on the album from when she was struck with a chord, melody, or lyric idea and just had record it.  

Taylor also explained how she had been listening the late 80's pop music (yay for the 80's!), and loved how people did such innovative things and didn't care what anyone thought, they just did it. Hence, 1989 (also the year she was born).

Is this outfit not fabulous? Sophistication+playfulness=perfection
Taylor has really grown since her older songs such as "Love Story" (which I still love) and I think she has really put her all into this album. As a viewer, "Shake It Off" is so catchy and amazing for two reasons: 1. Taylor is being herself in the video and 2. people can relate to that. We all want to dance along and belt out "Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate..." and not care about that anyone thinks, just as she doesn't. There's also the fact that she's contrasting beautiful, professional dancing with her own awkward-ness. I mean, let's be honest, both Hannah and I look pretty much exactly like that when we dance.

Taylor Swift: 1989 Album Cover and Promo Pics -01

My calender is marked for October 27 for when 1989 is being released. Until then, I will continue to admire Taylor's new haircut and dance wildly to "Shake It Off" because, despite its pop-song status, it is total perfection.  




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