Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lazy Days

Confession time: I dress "casually" about 85% of the time. And by casually, I mean oversized tees and running shorts.
Not exactly cute, but when you're up until midnight taking notes and enduring 12 hour days at school (welcome to marching band season), it's a necessity. I want to look cute, I really do, but most some days it just doesn't happen. This got me wondering if there was a way to look cute and preppy sans paint stained middle school shorts. I remembered seeing various giveaways from a magical site called Krass & Co that offered amazingly attractive running shorts. A pair of those, nice flip flops or cute sneakers, a stylish tee (plain ones, 5 for $20 at wet seal), and a thick headband to battle bed-head will keep you looking like you have your crap together even on days when you don't.


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