Monday, October 27, 2014

Perception vs. Reality

I always see those funny posts where bloggers take their instagram pictures and say what it really took to get the perfect shot. We tend to only portray our lives as we want to on social media when, in reality, they may be totally different. 
Even though we don't have a ton of pictures or followers, I'll still put way too much effort into getting the perfect 'gram

original post
What it looks like: What a cute and preppy inspiration board! 
What actually happened: I dug out all of my favorite brand stuff out from under my numerous flyers and calendars and movie tickets and sporting event tickets all of which were laying in a mountain on the table below.

original post
What it looks like: I drink only name brand lemon juice because I'm just THAT fancy
What actually happened: I was babysitting and the little girl was obsessed with this stuff and made me try one. I ended up opening it up after both kids were in bed and I was watching Frozen alone #noshame

original post
What it looks like: I just love fall with my preppy riding boots! What a cute and clever caption. 
What actually happened: I looked like an idiot standing outside in my yard after church bent over to the side, almost upside down, trying to keep my legs still so I could get the perfect shot.

Original post
What it looks like: How fabulous am I? My cute paper straw matches my cute paper nails which matches my yummy lemonade. Yay summer!
What actually happened: I painted my nails pink and they looked pretty good so I tried to think of a creative way to instagram them. I ended up fixing myself a glass of lemonade and putting in a leftover paper straw from my birthday party (which I didn't even use to drink out of). 

original post
What it looks like: I just naturally have awesome hair all the time even when I'm not trying. I also tend to wear cute turtlenecks in my spare time
What actually happened: I was trying to figure out what fit me and what didn't from last year's winter clothes. I happened to be in this turtleneck when I thought "hey I haven't posted to instagram in a while" and literally took 100 selfies before I decided this one was decent #theselfiestruggle

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