Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Best of Goodwill

Thrifting is a beautiful thing. Everything is much cheaper and completely unique. Occasionally there'll be a stain or something that requires a wash or two, but nothing beats having something old and with a story (I love trying to guess who owned the clothes before I did. The weirdest part is how I probably wear it completely differently).
I only really got into it this year, but I've found some real gems. So without further ado, I present to you...

Green Sweater//Levi's Cutoffs
This sweater was originally purchased to be made into an ugly Christmas sweater. After one wear, I planned to donate it again. It sat in the "donate" pile for a year until I realized how amazing it was (super duper fuzzy, shoulder pads, big sleeves) and put it back in my closet. The shorts used to be jeans that I picked up for my Napoleon Dynamite Halloween costume a few years ago, then chopped into shorts. Gotta love mom shorts...

1970s Embroidered Button-Down
I actually didn't find this at a goodwill, it used to be my mom's. Her grandmother embroidered it for her in the 70s and my brother and I used it as a dress-up fro years until we realized just how fantastic it was. There's a cactus on the pocket and an apple on the back...what more could you want?

Black Accented Blouse//Mom Shorts
Someone once told me that this shirt had a bowling vibe in a good way and I can't help but agree. It goes with nearly everything and it's absurdly unique. I love it. The shorts are also absolutely my favorite shorts that I own. They aren't cutoffs so they generally fit better and are more comfortable. During the summer I live in these.

Crazy 80s Sweater
I was doing some Instagram surfing when I saw an account called Bumbler Vintage tagged. After investigation, I realized it was an etsy shop and that's where I found this marvelous sweater. I mean...just look at it!! The arrows kill me...

Very 80s Pastel Jacket
After purchasing the aforementioned "crazy 80s sweater", this jacket was in the suggestions and I couldn't resist buying it either. It's pure perfection--shoulder pads, the best color combimnatopm I've ever seen. PLUS it's got triangles everywhere. It screams 80s and it screams Hannah. 
I found it here.

What's the best thing you've found at a thrift store?


  1. These are really cute outfits! I love the button down!


  2. Loving the shorts and the pastel jacket Hannah!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination


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