Wednesday, December 23, 2015

5 No-Cost Gifts

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably either neglected to get someone something or need something creative and heartfelt but don’t have an indefinite bank account. It is officially the eleventh hour in terms of gift shopping, but that’s ok…I’ve got your back:
Bag O’ Compliments
This is my favorite thing to give someone. My friend Jessica gave me a jar full of folded stars with the sweetest messages written on the inside and because it put such a smile on my face, I’ve wanted to make a little container of specific-to-the-person compliments for everyone. It doesn’t take too much—just write your nice things on slips of paper and put them in an envelope. It’s a feel-good gift all around.

Make them a zine
This one can be a little bit time consuming, but if you can doodle on a very basic level, this could be for you. Come up with a theme, and design 6 pages around it. Preferably something the intended gift recipient is particularly obsessed with and preferably given to someone who may appreciate the zine and not think it’s junk. For example, I would never give my 52-year-old father a zine for Christmas. Or my 15-year-old brother.

Write them a poem
There’s nothing more personal than a poem specifically written for someone. It’s beautiful, unique, and something that they’ll cherish forever. Again, make sure they’re the type who enjoys poetry, but if they’re literature-lovers, go for it.

Make earrings or a pin out of an old toy
I recently made some fun dino accessories for myself by gluing pin backs on of plastic dino toys. You can do this with anything! If you have an old toy story figurine, and your BFF loves toy story, do that!! You can work on cleaning out your old toys and make them something super quirky and that nobody else has.

Baked Goods
My Family's famous Irish Shortbread
I love food. I’m guessing you do too. And if you love food, I’ll wager your friends do too. Why not make them extra happy and bake them some cookies? Sure, it’s a very temporary gift, but it’s inexpensive and there’s a good chance they’ll love it.

Happy Holidays!!

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