Wednesday, March 25, 2015

So Ready For Spring

Spring is almost here, I promise. The piles of snow are swiftly diminishing and most days reach at least 50 degrees. All of this thawing that’s going on is making me excited for warmer days and spring break and with those daydreams comes what I plan on wearing during those warm days and spring break. I’m actually going to California for spring break, specifically Yosemite and San Francisco (don’t worry, they have In ‘N Out Burgers there), so I’m feeling a very boho yet colorful look, hence the embroidered kimono and peasant top. I’m also seriously obsessed with’s flair packs (those adorable little buttons) and frankly, all things It’s this perfect little boutique that features all things cute. I mean, just look at their site:

I’m pretty sure all they do is make pretty GIFs and throw around confetti so…
What styles are you looking forward to this spring?


  1. So looking forward to warmer weather too! Can't wait to start wearing more pastels and floral prints for the Spring. Hope you have a great trip to Cali!

    xoxo - Michelle

    1. Amen to the florals and pastels! I've already switched my closet over to summer...wishful thinking much?
      and thank you!!


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