Friday, April 3, 2015

Letter to the readers/Pretty Things, Fourth Edition

Dear lovely amazing and beautiful Freckles and Olives readers,
     Let me just start out by saying how much of a miracle it is that we have made it to spring break. I legitimately did not think we were going to get here! After tests in every class, countless projects, and chapters of assigned homework, the students of Maryland are home for a week! Despite all the free time I theoretically now have, I will not be able to put much into blogging over the next nine days. I will not be bringing my laptop to California with me, not that I'd have all that much time to sit down and write quality posts, but I will be posting on instagram like mad. Anastasia, on the other hand, will be here to post, it's just hard to find time in between marching band and rigorous classes, ya feel?
So much love,
Ps, I chopped seven inches of my hair 
Pps, Here are some pretty things just for your viewing pleasure


Take off your jacket and stay awhile!
Editions One, Two, Three

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  1. Love the hearts in the final image! I wanna see new hair pics too!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination


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