Monday, March 16, 2015

Navy and White

Blazer&Flats: Target, Blouse&Jeans: American Eagle, All Pins: Vintage
My mom and dad, products of the seventies and eighties, presented me with some of the buttons and pins they wore in their time after they found out about my recent pin obsession. I was so excited...I immediately planned, like, five outfits showcasing these marvelous little adornments. I clump them by color. Here, the combination of shapes and faces are a little weird (read triceratops next to a jazzy guy in a fedora), but each one is kind of cool. I also realized that this outfit is almost monochromatic. The only thing stopping me from labeling it as such would be the brown shoes. I'm adoring all the unvaried as it is, I'm sticking to my guns that it's the best color around. Navy, I wouldnt rather monochrome with any other color. 
What color do you wear most? 


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