Friday, March 13, 2015

Weekend Five

5. Spring Fever- 
Warm weather, sunny skies, and blooming plants cannot come any sooner. 

4.  The Great Gatsby- 
I'm rereading it for the my AP English class and  I love it just as much as I did the first time. And although Daisy continuously annoys me, Fitzgerald's vivid descriptions and symbolism make it a great American classic. 

3. Society 6 Totes-
After stumbling on this site for my home decor post I have become addicted to these wonderful tote bags. A little bigger than a purse but not as large as a backpack. Just what I need. I love all three of these but can't decide which one to actually buy. Also it's really hard to tell here but "The Great Wave" one on the far left has pugs as waves. No that isn't a typo. The waves are pugs. Brilliant. 

 Wednesday night, I'm chilling on the couch finishing up another post and Hannah tells me about this shop and we both are going crazy because all the products are SO CUTE. Everything about this brand is aesthetically pleasing (they even give out free confetti with your purchase. Yes please!). From the pastel bags, to must-have buttons, and adorable coffee mugs, its all perfect. Also check out their blog. All creds go to Hannah for finding this magically beautiful site. 

1. Sunday March 8 Women's Day-
A day to recognize all the women who are fighting for complete gender equality and to celebrate each woman as a beautiful, unique, and important individual. Every person, including ALL women, has the right to enjoy ALL aspects of life. Although we are Not There yet, leaps and bounds have been made to ensure this. What better way to end the this blurb than with "am I right ladies?!" am I right ladies?!


 I also posted every time this which feels pretty freaking awesome. I'm really inspired which puts me in a good mood which makes me wanna post so yay for Ana Week.

Have a lovely weekend!!!



  1. You should listen to the movie soundtrack of Gatsby while you study/read. Haha I love it. Even though it's a tad crazy.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. Yes! I love the soundtrack. Even though the book is set in the 20s the music is absolutely perfect for the movie.


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