Thursday, January 31, 2013

I wish i was wearing this...

Sweater: Gap, Shirt: Land's End, Jeans: Seven, Shoes: American Eagle, Necklace: Forever 21

Yea, I know...stripes and plaid? I saw them next to each other in my closet (just a coincidence) and had to do a double take...did those two just match? I think so, but what do you think?
This blogging experience has caused me to take a few risks (i still play it pretty safe...) and if i didn't blog, i doubt i would ever try putting plaid and stripes together

But i tricked you!!! Today and tomorrow, i have a marching band event in the morning and will be wearing a royal blue marching band tee and black leggings...stylish.

But seriously, i wish i was wearing this outfit...i suppose this will be saved for monday *sigh*
the week is almost over guys!!!


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

J.Crew Look Alike

Welcome to Wednesday Everyone!!!
In my last post, i mentioned the temperature here...60+ degrees...jealous?
Only if you're like me and pining for spring...

As you may be wondering, this outfit is not fit for this blessing of a day, so i have made an edit: denim shorts instead and my sweater is no longer tucked. The rest is the same. I got this outfit and color combo from this picture:
As you can see, mint, red, and pink are working in harmony. I did not want to copy the look of this outfit entirely (despite my slight obsession for it and the fact that i don't currently own a mint turtleneck...key word: currently), i loved the color scheme and therefore decided to build an outfit around it. Just yesterday, Kendi from Kendi Everyday did a post about how guilty she felt about copying an outfit right off of a madewell manequin...and here i am, doing just that with a j.crew lookbook picture...*sigh*

Anyways, i hope you enjoy your wednesday...almost the weekend...and by that i mean almost the SUPERBOWL!!!
( i went to the pep rally the other day and my dad got...SECOND ROW SEATS!!! like...what??? Pictures of that soon enough...)


Tuesday, January 29, 2013



Sweater from H&M, Dress from Forever 21, Belt from l.l.bean, Shoes from Sperry Topsider, Homemade necklace 

I'm beginning to get really creative in order to not re-wear outfits. I haven't been shopping for a lot of clothes in a while, but my rehobeth beach/outlets run is approaching so i only have to plan to struggle with my outfits for about 3 more weeks...including this one.
This is my lovely new $10 H&M sweater...pretty good for ten bucks, i think.
Throwing it over a dress just seemed logical to me. Dresses are hard because they can be worn differently every time you put them on, but they're always the same dress. I've been trying to redo the dress by layering things like sweaters on top. Hence the sweater over my dress

I wasn't planning on this outfit being good with the weather today (64 degrees and sunny!!!), but i was presently surprised. Recently, it's been so cold here that 36 degrees feels warm...yup
so this warm front is making everyone happy and reminding them that summer and spring aren't as far away as they think...i'm thinking about wearing shorts tomorrow instead of jeans with the outfit i planned...or is it too early?


PS, i'm thinking of dip-dying the ends of my hair purple (for the ravens)...what do you think? leave a comment!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A few odds and ends.

Finally the weekend!!

We actually have a 3 day weekend this week (as well as last week) and we got out of school 2 hours early on friday because of snow (that didn't arrive until around 2 hours AFTER we got out...), so we got snow and extra weekend time to boot!

As you may or may not know, I rarely ever go shopping. When i say rarely, i mean that i have 2 or 3 sprees a year and maybe one or two small ones sprinkled in...sad, i know. Today was one of the small trips, but i had a lot of fun anyways. Lately, when i go to the mall (specifically forever 21 and H&M), the selection is very picked over and they have some diamonds in the rough, but in like xs and xl...neither of which are my size. However, H&M were having insane deals..and by insane, i mean$10 for a navy fisherman's sweater and $6 for a nice red belt adding up to a grand total of $16...crazy, but it put a smile on my face for sure :)

Because i never took pictures of my shopping/mall outfit, here are some pictures i stumbled upon and pinned through the course of the week.

And this last picture is from a post from the ever-lovely blog by the name of classy girls wear pearls. I discovered said blog through prepfection, and have been obsessed with the ever-preppy and ever-stylish blog ever since! Sarah and her friends from new england dress in an inspiring way and the entire essence of the blog reminds me of new england. They also have a store called Kiel James Patrick which sells accessories for both men and women and i have my eye on the earrings that Sarah dreamed up herself. Take a look!!! (i linked everything you'll need in order to check it out. if you can't see the links, roll over some of the words and they will reveal themselves, i am sure)

Just one more bit of news: As most of you SHOULD be aware, the ravens are attending the superbowl, which i knew we would do (we beat the patriots by 15 points...definitely not expected, but it was a pleasant surprise) and my father is actually going to the superbowl to watch it and got a seat in the second row...for under $ you may expect, i am jealous, but happy for him, and pretty excited that i walked on the same field as my precious ravens down in "nawlins" and that's enough for me ;)
Anyways, congrats to the Ravens and Ray Lewis on his last game...good luck guys!

i hope you have enjoyed my few odds and ends, but i have a season of project runway to watch and a bowl of ice cream with my name on it ;)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gettin Preppy

Top from Lands End, Skirt from The North Face, Vintage Belt, Necklace from claire's, Vintage earrings

I've recently found this blog through prepfection, and could not be more thrilled with favorite!!!
Sarah, the blogger, inspires me and makes me want to be more preppy than i already am. So here is my prepster inspired outfit. I wore some pearls (as you can see) in homage to the name of her blog.

My annual shopping trip to the outlets is coming up in february and i'm planning on buying some more preppy basics, as my closet is currently a mashup of  styles and i have decided that being preppy is just my speed. This basically entails finding button downs, rugby shirts, cute sweaters, a-line skirts, and colored skinny jeans...basically anything from ralph lauren, j. crew, or tory burch. So basically ralph lauren and j. crew since these outlets don't have a tory burch outlet...

So to organize myself, i put together a little wish list collage:
click to enlarge and enjoy!!!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Are You Ready For Some Football???!!!

Once again, the ravens are caught playing the patriots after miraculously beating the denver broncos last week (MIRACLE GAME)
and honestly, i think we are going to beat those patriots. our team is motivated and the whole city of baltimore and the state of maryland is in an uproar of support and excitement, as am i. So this is my purple friday and sunday outfit. I have multiple 100% embroidered ravens jerseys, but i chose my suggs jersey because he especially likes to hit tom brady...and that is just what we need...a few sacks, turnovers, and we're good.
Plus, we DESERVE this game...ray lewis retires after this season and wouldn't it be grand for someone who not only have been playing for 17 years straight and on the same team, but he played on the very first ravens team 17 years ago...and in the superbowl year in 2000
he's been through thick and thin and deserves to win this year.

Thanks Ray!!!

Now for favorite of the week:
i'm going to do my favorite on a tumblr that i pin off of.
it's called prepfection and that's why i love it...super preppy and has everything from preppily styled outfits to awesome photos to pictures of it!!!
pictures from that tumblr that ive already pinned: