Wednesday, January 30, 2013

J.Crew Look Alike

Welcome to Wednesday Everyone!!!
In my last post, i mentioned the temperature here...60+ degrees...jealous?
Only if you're like me and pining for spring...

As you may be wondering, this outfit is not fit for this blessing of a day, so i have made an edit: denim shorts instead and my sweater is no longer tucked. The rest is the same. I got this outfit and color combo from this picture:
As you can see, mint, red, and pink are working in harmony. I did not want to copy the look of this outfit entirely (despite my slight obsession for it and the fact that i don't currently own a mint turtleneck...key word: currently), i loved the color scheme and therefore decided to build an outfit around it. Just yesterday, Kendi from Kendi Everyday did a post about how guilty she felt about copying an outfit right off of a madewell manequin...and here i am, doing just that with a j.crew lookbook picture...*sigh*

Anyways, i hope you enjoy your wednesday...almost the weekend...and by that i mean almost the SUPERBOWL!!!
( i went to the pep rally the other day and my dad got...SECOND ROW SEATS!!! like...what??? Pictures of that soon enough...)



  1. Mint, red, and pink look great together! Love those cute flats :)

  2. CUTE outfit!!! You did a fabulous job creating a look inspired by the j. crew picture!! :)
    ~Trendy T


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