Monday, October 28, 2013

School, Leaves, and Yours Truly

I got tired of every "life lately" post having the same title every time, so this is my attempt at a creative title.

Truth is, my life has been hectic with school and marching band and my outfits have been a little less than desirable. My brain is doing its best trying to finish my AP homework before midnight and getting A's in the rest of my classes. Putting an aesthetically pleasing outfit has presented me with a challenge. Most days, you'll find me now in a tee and jeans or leggings, maybe the occasional button down. Thankfully, I'm beginning to adapt to this crazy schedule and am getting back into the cute-outfit swing of things, but in the mean time, life goes on:

I'm very much enjoying the nature in my own back yard. The leaves in MD aren't as spectacular as last year, but they still take my breath away

Sophomore year is killing me!!!

I've become obsessed with making my own monogram...i made these on this site. Do you have a favorite?

I made these myself by re-sizing letters, moving them, overlapping them, etc... Out of these and the ones above, which do you think i should stick with?

Fall decorations

Totally in love with this blog...turns out, we go to the same school!!

Catching up on movie watching. Most recently viewed: Inception and the Dark Knight movies

#nowplaying for halloween

and this is me. I originally did what other bloggers did and modeled my outfits, so there was a time that my face was on this blog. My mom decided that was a bit unsafe so the entire twirl team created an online identity but I'm so done with "birdy". My name is Hannah, and from now on, that's what i will be going by. And yes, that is a Raven's jersey ;)
Have a Wonderful Week and a Happy Halloween,

I know you want to see the dogs so...

Buster (in great need of a haircut)

Bear (also in great need of a haircut)

Bear getting up in my face (excuse my blindingly pale skin)


  1. I love the monogram with the anchor, so cute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. Sounds like you've been a busy bee! Your dogs are so cute :)

    1. Yeah life has been going pretty crazy lately and thanks! they're getting groomed tomorrow!


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