Monday, November 4, 2013


Every girl needs a pair of classic riding boots for fall and winter. Sky and I decided to each put together and outfit that shows how we would style riding boots and jeans with an infinite budget:

hannah's picks
Sweater / Jeans / Necklace / Earrings / Boots / Shirt
When I first tried on my riding boots with jeans, i thought that it looked odd. When i tried them on again recently, i mentally slapped myself for being so stupid. Boots and jeans are the ultimate combo! Jeans give off a casual vibe, but the boots seem to dress (or in my case, prep) the outfit up a bit. I added a the classic sweater-over-a-button-down combo on top. I love the way vineyard vines styled this fair isle (it's actually on my Christmas wishlist already...) including the model's messy bun. That's how my hair would look as well (if it were a tad longer). Lastly, a multi-stranded pearl necklace and matching earrings polish off the outfit. I would most certainly wear this to school, shopping, to a friend's house, even to church! It's a versatile style that never gets old.

Fall is probably my favorite fashion season. With my dark hair and pale skin, the darker colors of fall fashions look beautiful! However, fall can be a tricky season because its sometimes hot, and sometimes really cold. That's why I choose a lighter top, but still in that gorgeous maroon shade everyone loves.  And jeans and boots are pretty much my life throughout fall and winter, you can literally never go wrong. I also really love the headband (I have a similar one) because it pulls together the outfit together and it adds a cute twist. Finally I would do my hair in a ponytail or braid, the top of the shirt is really cool, so I'd want to show it off!

Have a great week!
Hannah and Sky


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