Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Something New for 2013

So beauty goes with fashion and can even be considered a form of it!!

I generally don't wear makeup at all, but i do have some favorites:

for lip care, i use eos. My favorite is mint by far because it makes your lips feel cool! I get them at wegmans and they are around $3-$4. They are 95% organic and 100% natural
i you don't have one already, i suggest it!!! Only negative: looks weird in your pocket!!!
summer fruit flavor
Next is mascara. My eyelashes are really dark at the base and are naturally long, but are blond at the ends so the seem shorter.
no makeup
so i use covergirl exact eyelights for blue eyes and maybelline colossal volume. i like them both but the volume one adds a lot of volume and makes my eyelashes look really full. The covergirl one makes them fuller, but really does brighten my eyes.


volume...this one is waterproof
the last one is the one i wear more often and that is clear mascara. I also use this to hold my eyebrows in place sometimes for  very formal events.

it doesn't really change the color of my lashes, but it makes them slightly more dark and you can see them better than when there is no makeup
i usually don't do a lot on my face. I wash it with aveeno soap, maybe concealer here and there, but foundation only happens for formal events. normally, i put some powder of rose on my face. It blends imperfections and leaves you smelling nice. The only problem for some is that its white so it makes you look more pale. I'm naturally super fair so it doesn't make a huge difference. I got it in Colonial Williamsburg.

I use Ralph Lauren perfume whenever i remember to put it on and i love it...its not too girly and sweet, but it smells feminine still. I feel like it's my scent almost and i think everyone should have a perfume that defines them...this one defines me!!

For more beauty tips, i suggest Beauty by Lauren Conrad

Lastly, 2 lifestyle items, not makeup.
Shark watches. All 3 of us on the twirl team have the same one! it is beyond useful and i wear it with everything. It may be pricey, but it is worth EVERY penny!!!
As you can see, the band is stained because of how much i wear it.

 and a high quality speaker for your ipod! it's small and it has unbelievable quality...i use mine 24/7

Tell me what you think about this post and tell me if you think i should do more :)
Hope you enjoyed!


  1. It was really interesting to see a comparison of the three mascaras!! My fave was the volume one, but the clear one was really cool too :)

  2. My mom put some eos lip balm in my stocking and I LOVE it! I got the tangerine flavor and it's awesome. I put it on every 5 minutes :)

  3. Great post!

    Would you like to follow each other?! let me know on my blog :)


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