Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Heart Full of Love

Hello my friends!
Merry Christmas, Happy New Years's and welcome to the new year of twirl!

I apologize for my lack of posting! Christmas and posting does not mix for me and very soon after christmas, my marching band and i flew down to new orleans and preformed in the halftime show of the sugar bowl (which, for those who are not necessarily football inclined, is like the superbowl of college football)
it was an amazing trip and i spent new years down there and missed the first 2 days of school (yay)
pictures and stories to come!!!

on another football note, ray lewis (linebacker of the ravens, #52) is playing his last home game today. he is retiring after 17 years of being an insanely loyal, inspirational, and talented linebacker. he drives the spirit of the team and was there on the very first ravens team as well as the one that won the superbowl in 2000
he has been through it all for the team and is in his last home game. My father is at the game, videotaping ray lewis' infamous entrance, the last one he will ever make. I have been to a good amount of games and he has "preformed" at every one and i have enjoyed it every time. so, ray lewis, you will be missed by not only me, but the entire city of baltimore.

on a happier note, i am back on track with posts and especially outfits. One of my resolutions is to be back on be ready to read, comment, folllow, ect...
my goals are to get more readers and followers so if you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments!!!

ok so for the outfit:

 Jacket: Eddie Bauer, Sweater: old Navy, Skirt: Target, Bracelet: Pandora

My brother gave me this sweater for christmas and i was so thrilled to get it!! I have been pining for this sweater since august and when it was finally on sale and in clearance, i still wasn't able to get it. So when i unwrapped it, you can imagine my happiness (thanks bro!!)
After trying it on and making sure it fit and whatnot, i was trying to pair it and i wasn't getting anywhere so i went outside the box and put it with this skirt that kind of matches and i think goes. Then i popped on a denim jacket and it really worked. The outfit is busy so i only used my handy dandy pandora bracelet with 2 charms, another christmas gift. Im wearing this to a cirque du soleil show that im going to tonight with my friend so i thought that this outfit fit the bill :)

And you're probably wondering why this title is so weird...but it's actually the title of a song in les msierables which i went and saw over break (as well as the hobbit)
I love music of les mis, let alone tis movie but the only thing i did not enjoy was the camera work. They used a handheld camera for some of the scenes so it looked super shaky, but otherwise i liked it a lot...
again, i got the music on my ipod and i have been listening to it 24/7
and coicidentally, this sweater had a heart on it so there you go :)

happy sunday!!
Carpe Diem

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