Friday, December 21, 2012

Hitting 3 Birdies with 1 post

so i am far behind on posts, as mentioned in my last post.
So i am doing a mega christmas post.

a white cardigan is SO basic! EVERY gal needs one!
This one is at H&M and i worked it into an adorable holiday outfit for your inspiration:

Kate Spade New  York

Forever 21

Urban Outfitters (letter is b for Birdy)

Kate Spade New York

Urban outfitters
I think that the plainness of this outfit is what makes it nicer. The gold adds a sort of luxury as well as the satin sheen of the dress. And all of the interesting details like the empty diamond ring add a whimsy and vintage feel. and the cardigan makes it better for a dinner or a family gathering because your shoulders would be covered. I think it's perfect for a more formal christmas event.

Now for MY clothes doing the same thing!!!
Today, I wore this, and i would also wear it to a more formal gathering.

Dress: Forever 21, Tights: Target, Belt: American Eagle, Pins: J.C. Penny, Bracelet: Claire's, Earrings: Vintage, Shoes: Target, Hat: Disney World!
i generally use this dress for more dressy occasions, but for the last day before break, i thought it would look cute and festive with some red tights and used this  minnie mouse hat for inspiration!! add a matching red belt, some black flats, a cute bangle and festive earrings and cool buttons and i think that the outfit is complete!!

Look number 2 is for a family gift exchange or something like that

Disney tee, Aeropostale Shirt, Lucky Brand Jeans, Converse Sneakers, NY&Co bracelet, Target Earrings
Another disney theme here...what's with that? O well, i  think that disney is super cute and i actually spent one of my christmases there when i was younger which was one of the best christmases was magical, if you'll believe it. I suggest it with all my might.
Anywho, this tee is super fun and it's just boyish enough, but still preppy and very innocent, perfect for a family gathering or gift exchange!...also my look on wednesday.

The last look is great for a party with friends!!
check out my outfit from thursday:

Shirt: Old Navy, Tank: American Eagle, Belt: Old Navy, Jeans: Also Lucky Brand, Shoes: Thrifted, Ring: Vintage, Necklace: custom-made
this last one has nothing disney related...promise
i love this plaid...i love just wearing it, but when i got it and saw that it had red and green, i could not wait to bring out the green and wear it for christmas. Add a thermal shirt some jeans, minimal jewels, and schoolish oxfords. Turns out, i lost the ring during gym...dropped it into the locked locker below mine by accident so i suppose ill have to look for it after break :(

Anyways, happy holidays for now
i will post whenever i can, but if i dont show up, blame the holidays!!

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