Thursday, December 20, 2012

Words, Words, More words, and a Pircture

11 random facts:
1) i do irish dance WITH trendy tips from polished...blowin your mind right here!!
2) i have an obsession with South Carolina...namely Charleston...and piggly wiggly (a grocery store..)
3) over break im going to see the hobbit and les miserables...the 2 that im DYING to see!!
4) i already own and have seen like 5 episodes of downton abbey season 3...and its not available in the U.S yet...wowsa!
5) i had my wishlist for christmas done and sent out probably a bit before thanksgiving
6) i just got a pintrest (see the button below), but dont have a facebook, twitter, or tumblr
7) homework will be the death of me
8) my least favorite color is tan
9) i need to replace 3 tubes of mascara...especially after reading that chemicals in mascara can turn into formaldehyde after 3 months
10) i tried to do nanowrimo...i got about 3,000 words...yup
11) i am inconsistent in planning outfits, but will do them a week in advance if im lucky 

this was another thing that i had to do for the leibster but forgot! so here! 

anyways, i apologize for being absent, but in this holiday season, busy-ness is unavoidable and the intensity of it builds up and up until christmas, when it finally sort of ends and you can relax. So for now, excitement and a full schedule await me
5 days to go!!
So tomorrow night (friday night), i will be doing a christmas post involving a mini what to wear, an inspiration, and 3 outfits from this week. im hitting 3 birds with one stone!!!

Anyways if we're still here tomorrow...end of the world anyone? i personally don't think it's true, but as a joke, i set it up as an event on the ipad and there you go!!
for the past week, i've been getting push notifications...

And lastly, like many other bloggers, i would like to pay tribute to the connecticut shooting. i cannot even fathom how something like that could even happen...the man must have been seriously mentally ill to kill children.

and speaking of shootings, someone has threatened to "shoot it up" at my school on friday. Again, i doubt it, but it just bugs me that someone would threaten that right after such a tragedy as our new england friends suffered...

So because of my posting lag, here is a photo and just remember that my big holiday posts are coming soon!!

this lightbulb sort of represents hope. We need to put this hope and light back into the families' lives that lost their young children right before christmas.

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