Thursday, January 17, 2013

addicted to pintrest

As the title explains, i have been having a recent obsession with pintrest. I love the tumblrs that have inspiring pictures that you can pin and therefore save...i pin a lot of pictures daily and follow 5 tumblr/blogs that i post from daily.
Anyways, you may be wondering "what does Birdy's pinning obsession have to do with little old me?"
My favorite pins (yes, plural) are today's post due to the fact that my outfit was last-minute and just "meh" in my eyes.

and this just shows you my variety of pins that i do...all from today, all pinned by your truly. I love all of these photos and every photo that i pin is one that i love and feel like represents me. I hate when people pin things just because other people may like them/ is trending. Plus, some of my best pins are repins and there are people that are afraid of repins...why should they be? if they like the picture, they can share it and credit the person by having it say "repin from..."
Rant Over
By the way, i took the midterms at 8:45 am this morning and i went in scared and a little nauseous  to tell you the truth, and i finished feeling confident in my ability to ace it! So glad i studied!
Last Note: LOOK OUT FOR TOMORROW'S RAVEN'S POST!!! a very important purple friday...
Almost the Weekend!!!

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