Saturday, January 19, 2013

Anything but regular

Nordstrom's Cardigan, Hot Topic Tee, Homemade Necklace, Aeropostale Jeans, (left to right) Forever 21, Gifted, Target, and Homemade Bracelets (also wearing Pandora bracelet)

  So today, im entertaining my dad's family to a lunch event and it is hectic. I want to be super comfy, wear purple, and look nice all at the same time. I got this tee for christmas as a sort of joke from my parents. We just started watching this show on cartoon network called The Regular Show. It's very quirky, but we find it hysterical so we gave each other tee shirts and such for chrsitmas, hence this tee. I put a cardigan over it, added a necklace and jeans and it's working perfectly (we're having the party as i type)!!!
Yesterday, i promised i would post my ravens report, but ive decided to do that on the day of the game: SUNDAY
We're playing the patriots and they are going DOWN!!!
Sorry...i got a little crazy there...
Happy Weekend!

Pin of today and yesterday:
So vintage...reminds me of summer...makes me miss summer...

Blake Lively+Adorable Puppy
this is your extra pin! :) I love that this girl is high fiving a pug puppy...oh and i love her pants

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