Wednesday, January 16, 2013

16 days late???

So i have planned some great posts for you guys that may or may not be new, but because it is 2013, i am trying something new!

Daily: when i get around to it, my favorite pin of the day and my outfit of course.

--a favorite of any sort: this could be a store, item, song, book, movie,'s just my love of the week!!
--raven's report: a short description of any ravens news...
--an inspiration of some sort

--an obsession: again, could be anything from books to foods to celebrities to dresses
--Looks For less: where i take an expensive and high end look and find it (equally stylish and high end looking) for a not so budget busting price
--trends: what i'm loving that is coming into style
--20 items, 20 outfits, 20 days (20 cubed challenge): there is something like this on Kendi Everyday and also my fellow blogger Sarah Kate's blog where you take a set amount of clothing and make as many outfits as you can out of it. I rarely go shopping and generally have to get super creative with my wardrobe...this is just training for me, and an example for you!!

so you can begin to expect to be seeing these new posts starting as early as tomorrow (or today)
but for now, my readers, it is time to study like there is no tomorrow...for what?
i swear, they will be the death of me...


ps, here's the pin of the day!!!
i love this...i captures the whimsy of being a child and looking up to your glamorous mother...very sweet

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  1. that photo is so beautiful. It tells a whole story without color or words.


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