Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vans Shoes, Shirts, and Dresses, Oh my!!


So I'm a HUGE Vans fan..... I own 4 pairs and i love them all..... I'll show you three of the four I have so I hope you enjoy :) YAY VANS!!!!

All are from the Vans store (From the top)
       - Guate Stripe Slip- on Lo Pro
       - Vans Era Blue/ Black
       - Guate Stripe Authentic
           I highly recommend these awesome shoes!

Here are a dew outfits inspired by vans--


 I am a casual dresser so this I more of what I would wear to school or something...... But if you want to get dresses up......

For School or casual event

 The shoes have a little shine to them so it adds some sparkle. You  could also have colorful shoes, if you want and a leather jacket if it's a little chilly.

For going out or Formal event

The necklace is from Vans too but I couldn't find a close up, sorry. Simply jewelry can compliment the outfit but too much will take way from its beauty.

I hope you enjoyed looking at things from Vans!!!! Tell me what you think:)\

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