Monday, November 5, 2012

Limited addition!

Happy monday everyone! Hope your weekend was absolutely wonderful!! I'm actually still enjoying mine and will be until wednesday morning when i have to go back...

So this picture was taken in the forest behind my home. We've (We being my brother and i) been taking walks with our dogs (they explore OFF LEASH) and they love it, it's good for us, and it's fun just to explore and see how pretty it is. We went yesterday, (buster couldn't go because he had just gotten his cast off but bear went) and it was kind of overcast, but i saw the interesting lighting as a good source for pictures so i took the camera and ended up with this one.
I took a bunch more  but i'm saving those up :)

So you must be wondering 'what does this pot's title even mean anyways?'
well! thanks for asking!
My user has been locked until 3pm-7pm every day from now on to keep me off the computer...because that's like all i've been doing lately so posts will come later in the day unless i can figure out the whole write it in advance and set it at a post time...which may happen, but let's be serious, i can barely figure out how to hyperlink stuff...

so let's talk fashion!!
the other day, Sky did a super cool inspiration post with the cat so im going to do something similar. i'm going to inspire myself with photography too, only with the ultimate photograph: the camera:


urban outfitters

urban outfitters
 I love these1 they are super cute and vintage-y, but colorful...which is sort of my thing :)

so the reason i did this is because i love this tee from GAP and i wanted to turn it into a super cute and photogenic outfit. Check it out!

Gap: $29.95

forever 21: $27.80

Nordstrom's: $39

Old Navy:$10.97

Doc Martens: $120

 So there's the outfit, hope you like it! Again, sorry for delayed posts, but hopefully ill be able to stay on time and get one out asap!
ps, im doing nanowrimo!!! If you are too, comment and tell me what your story is about and ill do the same!

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  1. LOVE the inspiration!!! You're so lucky you got off from school... >:(
    ~Trendy Tips :)


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