Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Triple Threat

So for inspiration tuesday, our base is a navy sweater and khakis!! I know, plain, right? But our focus is to give everyone a chance to see that something that most people have in their closets, and seems drab, can be totally fab!
And ALL THREE twirlers (amour's is below) are gonna make it into our own outfit:

Land's End

I must be addicted to baublebar because their jewels are the main focus of the outfit AGAIN!!! The necklace was a super cool color, but it was super hard to work with. Thankfully, i found a bracelet with other colors so it would all balance out...i love how feminine this is! I know there's a lot of that turquoise color, but it's in smaller doses so i think it works. Tell me what you think! Hope you like this week's outfit!




Forever 21

Forever 21

This definitely seems a bit matchy matchy but it works out really well. I call this classic country. The boots create a cute rustic feel to the outfit, and the belt (to be worn at the waist) creates a cute country classic vibe too. I don't know why, but the second I saw this inspiration I immediately thought of an owl necklace. This necklace is perfect, the amber orange pops against the navy and the rope cord matches the boots plus belt.


                                                   Madden Girl Women's 'Allstaar' Mid-calf Boots

                                                                    Touch - Braided Leather Belt
                                                      Touch-  Braided Belt (on Mango.com)

                                                                  Bold Brass Owl pendant (etsy

 We hope you liked and were inspired by this week's outfit inspiration!

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