Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2 shows!

i know, i know
"Birdy, this is supposed to be your blogging day off so you can study and do whatever else you need!"
But i need to post this!!!

I am addicted to british television.
There are two shows i think all of you should see.

1)Sherlock...yea, the show elementary is a knockoff of? This one is WAY BETTER!!! Its got wonderful quality and the storyline are intricate and intriguing. The actors suit their roles just perfectly and it takes place in modern day London where it makes sense to have a British accent and Watson can be a man, like usual. Anyways, for those who haven't seen that, Sherlock (or Sherlock holmes if that clears anything up...) is about an ingenious detective and his army war doctor veteran crime busting partner and various puzzles to solve, lives to save, and mad men to defeat. But you HAVE to pay attention because it is SO fast paced. Great though!

the 3rd season is being filmed in January of 2013 and the 2 main characters will be in the Hobbit (which i am so excited to see...)
So keep an eye out for that, but for now i suggsest catching up on the other seasons by finding them or buying them (i have them on bluray :) )

2)Downton Abbey
Now the way i describe this may make it seem boring but i'll try and bear in mind how awesome it is.
So this takes place in the home or a Lord and Lady in WW I England and they live in a great big mansion and have 3 daughters and are happy...right? WRONG! All sorts of things like inheritance get in their way. They have to find a new heir and marry off all three of their daughters, and maintain the household and fight in the war all at once! Not to mention the plethora of servants, maids, butlers, and cooks down below! they help run the household and that is their top priority. But they also have many obstacles as their employers upstairs!  And in in the downton abbey servant community, everyone is replaceable.

The 3rd season is now available on dvd (or bluray :) ) and it's on its way to me right now! (yay)
So just like sherlock, i suggest catching up, but overall, the plot is awesome, the actors are perfect (professor McGonnogall is in it, fyi!), and the scenery is unbelievably beautiful. WATCH IT!!!

I know, such a random post, but i really needed to share my 2 favorite shows with you!

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  1. Interesting shows!!! :) I have friends who are obsessed with Sherlock :)
    ~Trendy Tips


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